Friday, February 27, 2009

Sue Morphett: Cancel her citizenship

Deeply unpleasant. I'm wary of just having a knee-jerk reaction to high executive salaries but if you wanted to capture the eyeball-popping arrogance and contempt displayed by the corporate world at its worst and most unethical then this unapologetic nightmare is your poster girl:

Chief Executive Sue Morphet saw her pay almost triple to $1.68 million after being promoted from general manager of underwear and hosiery to the company's top job. The executives' combined pay jump - from $7 million to $15 million - also included the salary of former chief executive Paul Moore, as well as a $3 million retirement bonus he was given upon departure.

Then the quislings, without apparent necessity (No Mr Carr, thanks all the same but it's not about the money, I just don't like your personality), move thousands of jobs to China. And the arrogant way she scoffed at a question about whether she'd continue to misleadingly use great Aussie icons and trade off so much jingoism and loyalty that has made the brand what it is? Beggars belief.

Don't like conditions in Australia? Move to your great utopia, China, and don't come back.

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Ann ODyne said...

no argument from me on any of that wot you said.
Unfortunately I witnessed SM being interviewed on 45 Minutes edition of 22/3 and was furious the silly interviewer failed to ask if the shirt worn by SM (obviously European designer) was one of Pacific Brands own.

This overpaid CEO crap is happening in the US and UK too.
It's criminal.