Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shameless Climate Change Deniers blame Greenies

Says it all doesn't it? What need even for a post. Picture this: you sit there for a decade or so treating climate change campaigners as fruitbats, claiming they are 'extreme ideologues', and blocking at every turn a process that might have had the potential to gain a lot more headway, a number of years back, and bring on board the big recalcitrants.

Then you switch awkwardly; now it's not that there isn't some science suggesting perhaps there might be a little bit of unnatural climate change, just that the realist case points to inaction. You know, now it's derailed anyway there are other big emitters who aren't acting, so why should we?

So, where were we- Oh Yes, the most extreme weather to hit Victoria since records began, a blistering right hook of an indictment of our idiocy and petulance, science at its most brutal, basic and empirically observable, and it's all our.... it's all the fault of Greenies, extreme ones at that, who run those huge high profile campaigns against controlled burning that bring the State to its knees every year.

It's to the credit of climate change lobbyists that they've been fairly subtle about making the very reasonable claim that the evidence on their side is starting to look pretty persuasive...

...I'm not adverse to hearing the realist argument, but clearly as with non-proliferation for another example, big developing world nations are going to detach further from the process if the wealthy West doesn't show more leadership.

UPDATE: Very reasonable claim starts to get an airing at LP...

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