Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tim Roth's killer cravats

I'm losing my meme virginity. Not being one of the important bloggers I've been left out of this meming thing until now, when the Lady of Spray sent one my way. For those who accidentally landed in blogland while searching for new furniture, memes are a sort of chain letter by blog post where you get asked to list your favourite..., answer question ..., or similar. For this one I'm
to pick the actor who'd play me in a movie.

UPDATE - TAGGING: Currency Lad, Mallrat, Trix and Ruth.

I'm several screwballs rolled into one, so the answer's plural.

Childhood me: no-one else could play childhood me. I had so much blond hair, and big blue saucer-like eyes, and smiled constantly. I jumped around, sang, acted the fool, and loved life. It would be a boring movie. You'd probably go in my head to all the adventures I played out there; as a spy, as a caveman, as someone who could travel time, exploring space. A lot changed between childhood and adolescence...

Adolescence: I'd want the unhappy loner to have his redemption in spectacular fashion. Ralph Macchio in Karate Kid is getting there, but something darker that doesn't aspire to jockhood would be better again. The anger was flaring by now, the realisation that everything is nothing, the existential questions and bleak answers.

Christian Slater in Heathers comes to mind. That was one of my all-time favourite depictions of fucked-up adolescence, and hell, he got the cool gothy chick as well.

Now? Bald, complex and with a dark side; there's my favourite attributes in a male lead. I think my own dark side is well pacified these days, but I think heroes and happy chappies are boring, so I'd want to be written into a political thriller or borderline psychotic episode. I've had the you-look-a-bit-like thing with Billy Zane, Billy Corgan and Hugo Weaving, and they're all edgy which is good, but if you shaved his skull I'd probably rope in Tim Roth because I think he's the dog's bollocks of male anti-leads.

Tim Roth as a postmodern self-employed hitman knocking off reality TV producers, while running a cravat shop on the side. THAT'S a movie!

'Scuse the self indulgence.


Brownie said...

Will fully pay Christian Slater - loved Heathers, but I was hoping you would see yourself as a John Cusack because that's how I have been imagining you. Grosse Pointe Blank, Hi Fidelity, Con Air and Pushing Tin?

Armagnac Esq. said...

Only seen Hi-F. Great move, but I'd probably have been as much jack black as cusack. And I would never have gone back to her. Maybe in the past, not now, when things are that bad I walk.

C.L. said...

The Currency Lad says:

SOPHISTICATED epicurean and Renaissance man, Armaniac, has passed on a cinematic meme that requires me to pick the actor who'd play me in a movie.

He's Just Like Any Other Man - Only More So.

Friday, 11.15pm.

trix said...

Every time I think of Billy Zane, I get the Zoolander image in my head : "Talk to your friend Billy Zane, he's a cool dude"


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