Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Working into the ground

She had the test, she got the all clear.

I will drink a large glass of wine in her honour tonight. She'll drink green tea due to a detox she's on which I don't fully comprehend.

My little brother has left us to wander up the coast in search of sun, so we'll have dinner together, and reaffirm the stuff that's important.

Her work push her so hard that even while waiting to have the test, with so much stress hanging over her head, she was bringing stuff home to slave over. I got to wondering how much this affects her health, what it could trigger. I've resolved that if they don't get another person in soon then I'm going to use all my persuasive power to get her to find a more human place in which to pursue a career.

This will be my next hectic project, after the wedding.

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Anonymous said...

Dear GZ - all employment is stressful. (even in rock n roll there is always one bandmember who loses his ax, misses rehearsal, turns up to the big gig too ripped to function, and drives ya mad,etc etc.) stress triggers illness. every time. its documented.
You said the bridezilla 'needs to pursue a healthier career'- must settle this one before the Babyzillas hatch. my son works in a law firm with inhouse creche for female lawyers and one of them (obviously with big stuff occupying her thoughts) went home without her kid one night. thank god for mobile phones. point is dear Groomzilla, life's big decision is about wealth, and if 'contentment' is the goal.the love of the filthy lucre etc etc. the Babyzilla's dad has to have relaxed time with them too.
Approach marriage/family as a business deal: do your SWOT analysis. perhaps discuss the Very End Result and work backwards from that. The McMansion people with school fees and 4WDs who must have Big Holidays instead of Lord Howe Island, are the divorces of the future. aim low and achieve, instead of aiming high and feeling you have failed. enjoy that wine tonight, and the companionship it accompanies, xxx The Mom