Friday, August 25, 2006

Them Pakis

Apparently this lable (which in my politically correct ignorance I thought had gone the way of niggers, boongs, gooks and other charming expressions of heartfelt affection which for reasons unknown cause offence to those on the receiving end) is back in vogue.

Well, it is if you're a subbie at The Australian:
Windies to stand in if Pakis withdraw
That's what it reads lunchtime Friday anyway.

UPDATE: It's probably below the offensiveness radar here. I think I've crossed over into convict who lived for ages in pommyland mode...

Its use by the Oz probably amounts to no more than sloppy and yobbish subbing.


Splatterbottom said...

The "Pakhi Cafe", which is in Ultimo, serves magnificent curries and seems to glory in its name.

Next time I visit, I will let the proprietor know that the PC thought police are on his case.

Armagnac Esq. said...

Do that!

Then next time you see a young greek bloke calling his mate a 'silly wog' walk over and say 'yeah, ya wog', and see whether they, like yourself, fail to see any distinction between usages of such a term.

OK, Paki isn't exactly horrific, but it's poor and trashy subediting.

MrLefty said...

If anything, it'd be an equivalent of "Aussie", wouldn't it?

Splatterbottom said...

OK, Paki isn't exactly horrific, but it's poor and trashy subediting.

This term has been used in cricketing headlines in a non-derogatory way for as long as I can remember. So if it takes its meaning from context, this is clearly a benign usage, probably driven by a desire to save space.

There are a fair number of hits for 'paki' at the cricinfo site, which is a fairly serious cricket site.

B. S. Fairman said...

The -stan in Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. means "land of". In general, it depends on the context as to if it is a term of abuse.

Daniel said...

It's hardly a sin to shorten a name. People do it all the time.

What's interesting is that Muslims are often called Towel-heads or Rag-heads which is actually longer. Depends on the degree of bigotry I guess!

Nim said...

The use of paki fits along Windy, Aussie, Pom, Kiwi in my opinion.

Things may be different in the old motherland where the term filthy paki may be used by racist types to describe anyone from anywhere near the subcontinent. Hanif Kureishi in his wonderful novels talks about this and if i can dig up the quote i wrote down from his book a few years ago i will be sure to post it here.

I agree with most of the posts above regarding this and Paki use as abuse must have been something you observed in Pommy Land!

Odd how there does not seem to be a term for Indians; hindi could be used but has some issues. Sri Lankans- Lankys anyone!? United Arab Erimates- UAEs works (but u have to slur the letters into each other) and indeed Zimbabwe- Zimmys?? No!! Zimbys !!

I hope it has been explained to the Pakistani players particularly any based in the UK that Paki does not seem to be a racist term in this country; which is great coz if anyone called me a Paki i'd stick a chili fair up their ...

Anonymous said...

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