Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rocks, hard places and scans

Last week at work. Done 3 interviews now. One for a role prancing around in Court. Two for more deskbound, but nonetheless interesting policy positions. Got one more lined up.

Have no idea in the universe what to do. With two of the roles based in Canberra our house plans are a mess. Baby is due January, looking like being a cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius at this stage.

It's at times like this you wish you earned a motza. That a huge pile of cash stared up at you each time you got an account balance from the ATM. To just do stuff. Like sit there without gainful employment until the right role came along.

As if.

It's probably of no consequence; if I can't decide this late in the day which role I'd like, then they must all either be crap or pretty decent. The hardest thing is not the job itself, but the doors I'll close by taking one over the other.

I've been at faceless government organisation now for over 3 years. I have been a contractor all that time, and now, with baby due, am out of gainful employment.

Whatever. My baby is more important.

Today we learn whether we have a poppet or a poppette. The name game will follow. Although we feel less panicky after having survived the first scan, it is still nerve wracking. I've never wanted a job the way I want to be a father. This will be a long day.

UPDATE: Sure has been. Am about to walk around to the ultrasound place. Gut feels liks two thick fingers have taken a strand of each of my intestine and colon and twisted them tightly around each other. Wood. Touched.


BwcaBrownie said...

Just returned from an Adelaide visit to my new grandchild (thank you JetStar cheap air).
He is 6 weeks old and holding him was an absolute joy ... BUT in the middle of the night when he had been screaming for an hour I went into his parents room and took him away for some R&R. The parents who were not woken by the screaming or my visit to their room, are exhausted. Be ready for this. Train like Jagger does for a Stones tour.

Daniel said...

As they say in the movies: "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"

But be assured, it is a wonderful experience as long as you can keep the marriage alive. When it fails the kids usually get used as bargaining chips and you'll end up the biggest loser.

Good luck!

Pat said...

Hi Armaniac, sorta OT but not really: I was just cleaning out my inbox and came across an email I sent you (to one of your many internet incarnations) some years back re your "pro-choice" position on abortion.

I was wondering if the prospect of having your own child has changed your views in any way on the subject. If it is too personal then forget about it but I have found with many people that once they directly experience child birth their opinions start to re-evaluate.

By the way, I highly recommend Canberra as one of the best places you can find to raise a family. I work there quite a bit and even though it shuts down early and tends towards dull at times it can't be beaten for schools, public infrastructure and general all round healthy lifestyle living.

Boysenberry said...

I can only agree with the sentiments expressed above. Sleep patterns will go out the window for a little while. You will be continually amazed by what such a little person can do. Canberra, which can be a touch dull sometimes, is a great place for a family.

Armagnac Esq said...

Thanks all.. update in next post...

Pat, no it doesn't. My view has always been that it is up to the individual. I've also always believed that there is a huge gulf between not wanting to do something yourself and wanting to go out and regulate to stop others doing it. I'd rather not revisit the whole argument here, but suffice to say it would take pretty extreme circumstances for me to even consider the operation in relation to any child of mine, however I respect and don't believe in interfering in other people's ability to make the same decision.

Pat said...

Cheers Armaniac - I wasn't seeking provocation , as I say my inbox housecleaning got me wondering thats all. All the best to you and your new family. My sincere best wishes.