Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More baby name fun

Via the Red Sultana, a baby name wizard!

I have no idea how to make it useful yet. It's certainly a Boyntonesque web device. Beloved and I could use any help we can find in this regard. We've pinned down a handful of names we like, and in keeping with the 'gee I'm going to be a conservative parent theme' most seem to attach to European royalty (unintentionally comrades, honest!).

We're only a couple of weeks from the next scan, and given that we will be divining the poppet's gender I will naturally be sharing this with you, dear readers. Once we know, the serious name shortlisting will take place.

I'm sure every parent-to-be frets about this decision, yet so many still stuff it up without blinking. Damn. And how can you predict, for example, that a particular name might become attached to a popular comical figure and therefore make a child an object of ridicule? You can't of course, and I have forgiven my folks and come to like my middle name. In my 30s.

Best inspiration? Zoe, whose son Sage is named after Great Sage of Heaven from Monkey. Untoppable, I thought to myself as I sat up last night working my way through the DVD box set I bought off (now blog-retired) Ladycracker. Incidentally, as I'm rambling off post, Chairman Mao was almost named Tripitaka.


Jeremy said...

Bugger. I was about to suggest "Tripitaka".


LadyCracker said...

Not so fast...

Zoe said...

Whatever you pick you will hate some days and lerv other days.

We wanted something (a) that was easy to spell and (b) easy to say. Although I've kinda gone off the importance of spelling.

BwcaBrownie said...

Petronella - Peregrine?

Polly - Perry ?

Simon - Martina?

JahTeh said...

It can't be Polly, have you seen how many kittens are called Polly?

I was going to say LadyCracker was back but she beat me to it.

CelloBella said...

Just make sure you test the name properly - I'm sure the parents of Andrew and Paul Ness wish they had... but not as much as their sons do.


Oh and congratulations!

Armagnac Esq said...

Thanks, and good tip- I had to think about those two for a minute...

boynton said...

Boyntonesque? eh?

FYI No names starting with BOYNTON were in the top 1,000 girls names in any decade

meanwhile Word Verification suggests some unusual characters too

Anonymous said...

our baby is due on Christmas Day. our family have helpfully suggested Christmas themed names for the last few months.

we're currently on Noel, or Tinsellina, so you must be doing better than us. (I promise we wont really stick either one on the birth certificate)

Armagnac Esq said...

Oh, when you pass through Melba sometime we'll have to do baby group stuff!

Anonymous said...

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