Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rosanna, Rosanna...

Once was young, once was freewheeling.

We live near one of Australia's coolest strips, and we love it- at least what we remember of the places we used to frequent. But with several years of on-and-off house watching under our belts, a second child, and a renewed love of trees and bicycle paths and streetscapes that don't look like they were intentionally designed to drive out all people under 14, things move on. Like my hairline, six pack, and dreams of doing anything useful with myself.

So, anyway, not for any good reason, but does anyone out there have a view on life in Rosanna, Heidelberg, Viewbank or Macleod?

Just asking.

I was converted first. Beloved- think she switched over as we were walking through one of several nice bands of parkland up there, kookaburras on branches, Bear warbling and running from tree to tree, bike paths linking playground with playground.

And pursuant to a little chat going on at Helen's, I don't mind the look of this or this either.


qm said...

I actually went to Macleod College for two years back when it was Macleod High. Always thought it was a pretty good school - great music program (though this is years and years ago).

Can't comment on living in most of those areas (though have friends that do and seem to like it). Heidelberg would be a pretty cool place to live I think - the burgundy rd shops are pretty good quality and some really nice parks etc.

Had a friend who lived Heidelberg Heights for a while and loved it - had its fair share of no-hopers but this was balanced against a really community feel amongst the people there - nice wide streets and so on on account of the ex housing commission houses.

lucy tartan said...

We lived in Rosanna for seven years and I know the Banyule area really well; I live now in a suburb not too far from Ros. You're more than welcome to get in touch via email if you want to talk about specific suburbs around the area. I'd rather not get too specific en blog, though.

MsLaurie said...

Not so sure about those areas, but Eltham and Warrandyte are fabulous - I and many friends went to both public and private schools in those areas, and emerged unscathed, drug-free, and university prep'd.

Warrandyte in particular is gorgeous!

Armagny said...

Was just hearing someone wax lyrical about Warrandyte the other day.

LT, I might drop you a line, I know the 'burb you are in, in fact I've suggested to Beloved we explore there and Eltham but she's rather more conservative on 'expanding' our scope...

QM, if you're the QM of aeons ago, blawger, friend of the wife of our celebrant, then it's good to see you're still around. Macleod still have a big music focus, something pretty important to Beloved and I, and seem to be quite friendly as well.

qm said...

Yes, the same QM, still drifting around the blogosphere, observing if not participating so much.