Thursday, April 16, 2009

Queue-Jumping Boat People Are Flooding Our Shores!

Love those flood/water/tsunami metaphors, as the Australian wheels out the headline 'Rising tide of boatpeople'. A tide, a flood:

...49 suspected asylum seekers...

Shit, I better run home and lock up my wife and daughter.

...the sixth boat to arrive this year...

*stops breathing*

...a total of 276 unauthorised arrivals...

*skin turns clammy*

There have now been 455 unauthorised arrivals since the Rudd Government announced the changes last year.

There it is, the clincher, the underlying narrative being rebuilt for the grand purpose of domestic regime change- Labor is bad for your security and is going to let brown terrorists overrun our great land where beer flows and men plunder.

We have 6 figure immigration but 455 UNAUTHORISED arrivals is a crisis. Remind me again, after the last time we went down this path and victimised these desperate people, how many ended up being found to be legitimate refugees? I don't have the number in front of me* but I believe an accurate characterisation would be 'an overwhelming majority'.

So, let's have it again, if they are genuine refugees then their attempt to gain asylum is legitimate and legal.

And someone is snivelling along, betraying his claims to being smart and liberal as he lets his incoherent attack dog try to whip up the hysteria again:

Opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Julie Bishop said the Rudd government had given a green light to people smugglers and put out the welcome mat for illegal migrants.

Come on Turnbull, surely even you draw the line at stooping this low...

* Wiki has "over 80%" as the figure, anything out there to contravene that?


Helen said...

Thanks Armagny, this was very timely. I"m groaning at the thought of all those "arguments" on message boards and the old Webdiary starting up again... Illegals... Bleeding hearts...Queue jumpers... blah blah blah... Gah.

seepi said...

I thought it was 90%. Can't find where I got that tho.