Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Mittsa has had a further meeting with the blunt instrument known as our Maternal and Child Health Nurse. Joyously ours since Bear's birth, she's had many opportunities to gruffly accuse Beloved of 'you wiping baby bum too hard' (thrush, in fact) or 'no-one show you how to dress baby' (no-one, indeed, as this is partly the job of individuals like the Mat Nurse, together with not being a complete bitch who makes young mums feel like crap).

Anyway, she's soften slightly, perhaps amazed that we've managed to keep our kids alive this long, and has had little to argue with in respect of Mitts.

Over the 97th percentile for weight, and 90th for length and head circumferance. He's a boof!

But he's got a soft heart, with huge smiles for his dad and a penchant for big cuddles. Since birth he has seemingly attained a level of zen that he carries through the vicissitudes of the day, easily placated with a hug or a chat. He coos multi-syllabled dipthongs that get closer and closer to sounding like words, words that are wizzing around in daddy's head waiting for a match: da-dy, lo-ve oo, fay-vrite, car-dools.

Our moments are still too brief.


cristy said...

I have avoided all maternity and child health nurses since Lily was 10 days old (and one of them told me that I was feeding her too much and should let her cry it out to sleep).

Helen said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear that, because our M&C nurse was such a champion when we lived in Northcote. She evidently has moved on since then.

Mark Lawrence said...

You get a lot of hit and miss with M&C nurses. We had a great one with our first boy - she started the mothers (we tried 'parents' but the mothers way outnumbered us two dads), who was quite supportive, and lefty leaning from way back, and she even supported our low-meat, lentil-heavy diet for the him...

She move on to the next municipality - more progressive, more supportive and better paying.

The M&C nurse we got when our second boy was born was a proper Tartar! Except that she was Scots.

We stopped taking no 2 to the M&C pretty much soon after we started.

Anonymous said...

You might find it's helpful (or less unhelpful at least) to try one of the other centres in the municipality. You don't have to give a reason, mutter something about convenience to something else and change over. Obviously that'll only work if you've got transport.

The nurses I saw in the City of Melbourne were ok, the first two were competant, the third was brilliant, and I wish she'd been there when he was a newborn. I did spend a lot of time telling our short plump nurse that tall and skinny was normal for babies in our families, and no he wasn't starving etc etc.