Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What do KFC, Subway, Bendigo Bank, Vines Lawyers have in common?

Sponsorship of the Ocean Grove Football Club, according to the club website. Here, according to The Age, are their brand endorsed dinki di footy players being larrakins:

The men yelled "F... off Jews" and "Go the Nazis," Mr Vorchheimer told a News Limited newspaper. He alleged they then motioned to him and his children as if they were shooting a gun.

In front of his kids.

"I was pulled toward the open window and then punched by a right hand into my left eye by a passenger in the bus," he said. "Meanwhile my kids are on the sidewalk crying and screaming."

Mr Vorchheimer said he had suffered headaches and nausea since the attack, while his children had received counselling.

Real anti-semitism. How many right wing commentators, in particular those who scream 'anti-semitism' at anyone who doesn't support exterminating the Palestinians, will be baying for blood over this one?

Ocean Grove Football Club president Michael Vines confirmed players from his club were at the Caulfield Guineas that day and police were investigating the incident.

"Like any sporting club at our level, we expect our players to behave
responsibly," Mr Vines said.

'Responsibly'? So shouting neo nazi hatred at and punching a man out walking with his kids is 'irresponsible'? Is that much more than praising with faint damning?

Any politician serious about attacking race hatred and anti semitism would demand the club expel every player or member involved in this incident or else be shut down. Ditto for the Geelong Football League. And KFC Ocean Grove, Ocean Grove Cellars, Subway Ocean Grove, Bendigo Bank, B.M. Legal, and Vines Lawyers might want to revisit their sponsorship agreements.

I note Vines do criminal law and personal injury, which the Ocean Grove Football Club could find useful in the coming months.

'Go the Nazis', they shouted. In front of his kids.


Living in Canberra said...

Don't forget that according to the club spokesman it was an accident. I'm baffled how you can accidently yell out "f##ing jews" and "go the nazis" but apparently footy players from Ocean Grove can.

Boysenberry said...

Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's some form of Tourette's. Nah, they're just f-wits

Legal Eagle said...

Absolutely disgusting incident. It sickened me to my core. How can that be an accident?

b said...

Vines Lawyers are a sponsor as Mr Vines is the Club President and refused to apologise because no charges had been laid yet.

Nice work there.

Anonymous said...

What sort of Moron appraches a drunk and abusive mob to complain/confont them over their abuse. He did this in front of his children as well. I wonder how long it's going to take his children to get over watching their daddy getting bashed.
Menachem Vorchheimer is an idiot and all the players on the bus should be ejected from the team because if they weren't doing the abuse, they were doing nothing to stop it.

Sheikh Yerbouti said...

He didn't say neo-nazi hatred and punching a man in front of his kids is 'irresponsible' Don't manufacture quotes to make a point. It's bad enough as it is.