Monday, October 09, 2006

The Fear

Learned some new yoof lingo from my cousin on the weekend. The Fear is what you wake up with if you've had a blinder and don't know what you said or did or to whom you said or did it. They ring each other up and say 'I've got The Fear' and there is instant understanding and empathy.

I like it. Why understate something with such grave, life-altering potential?


Helena said...

(aka Brownie) Tell your cousin The Fear morning phase is nothing to the one of much later years: the 'Coyote Woman Phase' - you would rather chew your arm off than wake her up.

JahTeh said...

I love 'The Fear' and hate beta. Every time I want to read or make a comment, a little box comes up telling me I'm going to a non secure area and do I want to continue. I don't want to change, I just learned how to hide a link and that took me a year and two weeks.

Word verification was zytfpuma, about how I feel.

Boysenberry said...

The Fear - sums it up beautifully.

phil said...

Read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and you will learn about The Fear.

nailpolishblues said...

I think I live in a perpetual state of The Fear. Anyone who's ever seen me drunk will understand why.

Zoe said...

The Fear also features in my favourite fillum, "Withnail & I"

flashman said...

Oh yeah, me and my mates used to get that a lot at university. We called it 'the dreads'. It's pronounced with a lovely elongated 'r' that drrrrrrrrrags on for a period that's relatively to the depth of your apprehensiveness.

Dom said...

The Finns have a word for it - morkkis. It's the same thing - the guilty fear of what you did or said the night before whilst under the influence.

Armagnac Esq. said...

Sounds like Morbid; once again, entirely apt!

lucy tartan said...

There's a very delightfully sour Pulp song called 'The Fear', also:

...So now you know the words to our song,
pretty soon you'll all be singing along.
When you're sad, when you're lonely
and it all turns out wrong.
When you've got the fear.
And when you're no longer searching
for beauty or love -
just some kind of life
with the edges taken off.
When you can't even define what it is that you're frightened of
this song will be here....

Anonymous said...

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