Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Don't arrest them

Just hand them over to her father, together with a crown-sealed immunity from the A-G. What would be suitable punishment for this? Death? Crippling with an iron bar?

Why do these animals disgrace us by sharing our DNA?

UPDATE: It's now a rape investigation. Good. Go to hell in a handbasket, you little vomitbags.

UPDATE II- Thoughts on YouTube:

The video in question is allegedly footage of an underage rape. People say companies like YouTube cannot be restrained, they are too big, it is impossible for them to police everything put onto their site. But they are lying.

It is impossible for them to police everything if they refuse to spend money employing people to police it.

There is also the question of whether we need the technology at all. Oh it's fun, hip, insane, get-out-of-the-way progress. Progress that includes film after film taken without the consent of the leading characters. Films at the vanguard of free speech, pushing the boundaries. Y'know, films of schoolgirls punching each other in the face, or of thugs urinating on and sexually assaulting a young girl.

We can block paedophilia can't we? Why not this trash? Leering footage of sexual assaults on underage girls qualifies for censorship in my humble opinion...


Legal Eagle said...

Geez I hate reading stories like that. They make me feel sick. The horrible thing is that these animals got away with it for so long.

It seems to be a current "craze". On one of the other blogs I read, the author (a high school teacher) writes a post describing how she saw students doing a similar thing at her school, and stopped it.

Splatterbottom said...

Funnily enough You Tube has no trouble taking down Michelle Malkin videos, and things offensive to muslims when it suits them.

Still given the near limitless capacity of people to be offended, I would hate any kind of strict publication rules.

Anonymous said...

Burning at the stake perhaps should be reintroduced. There are clearly demons out there.

Anonymous said...

There are no demons, just other people (which according to Satre are hell, which is related I suppose, but I digress...).

These people are a symptom of something. Look at the narrative of their act - remind you of anything?

Youtube is not at fault - why must we always look for a "they" at the controls, like Captain Kirk to blame? Are we so infantilised?

Youtube is absolutely FULL of people, volunteers who upload things, consumers who watch these things and rate them. How many people watched this shit? Enjoyed it? Couldn't tell the difference between it and the other "transgressive" shit they find online or see on television? Passed it on to others? The only reason this has even hit the papers is that someone bothered to tell a parent - no-one had thought to mention it until now. What does that suggest?

I'm one of the most cantankerous feminists you'll ever meet yet when I heard this Hilaly business recenly with the meat references et al I thought "Why are people getting so upset? How is that very different to the more Anglicised versions of the same thing I see in my own culture all the time - every damn day in some form or another?"

Our young men are doing these sorts of disgraceful things for the same reason our six year old girls are pole dancing. Because that's what they've been exposed to, that's what they pick up and what they relate to - it's our script, they're just too dumb to cover it up better. So I think we're all to blame in some ways for not paying attention.

Yes, put the little bastards in jail. Yes, let's publicly talk about how absolutely wrong and disgusting those acts were. But let's have a good look at our culture and selves while we're here as well, I reckon. Cos it's not a big surprise to me at all that this kind of shit is starting to turn up in the morning paper.