Thursday, October 05, 2006

Backward nation identified

The Australian's Editorial:

...Kim Jong-il has turned its back on every norm of international and moral behaviour.

Note change of editorial policy, The Oz now supports normative principles of international behaviour. Bring on another Lebanon.

And with its announcement on Tuesday night that it feels compelled to go through with a nuclear weapons test, the Pyongyang regime has confirmed the backward nature of its regime once and for all.

Nuclear test= backward? Well I'm glad they won't be feeling too lonely in their regression: of January 2005 there are approximately 5,300 operational nuclear warheads in the U.S. stockpile, including 4,530 strategic warheads and 780 non-strategic warheads. Almost 5,000 additional warheads have been retained in the "responsive reserve force" or are in an inactive status with their tritium removed.

So far backwards they're forwards again. Anyway, it won't stop us digging the key ingredient out of the ground.


rob m said...

What? Steel for the casing?

Seriously, you can't stop North Korea, or anyone else, from getting nukes by not selling uranium.

Yes, most of the world's known, economic resources (that is, the stuff that's sufficiently concentrated to make it worth digging up *at current prices*) are located in a relatively few countries. But there's plenty more out there; it really requires only the incentive to look, and, possibly a preparedness to pay more than you would if you could import it openly. Very few countries are so short of potential uranium ores that it would represent a significant hurdle in getting a weapon.

North Korea, for instance, gets its uranium from its own mines.

Getting natural uranium is the easy bit. Turning it into bomb material - either highly enriched uranium or plutonium - is much, much harder.

Daniel said...

And getting rid of the waste is a serious problem too, let's not forget. There are Russian ships running around on the high seas filled with waste and nowhere to go! Man is a curious creature. Always puts his arse first!

theHippy said...

The Brits used to say Highlanders were a backward lot, mostly for their habit of hoisting their kilts and turning their arses on arrogant prats.
Is Jong-il a Moonie? He gets cheekier as the US elections get closer.

A Pontian said...

so sad but true that so many of our fellow citizens nay representatives support more uranium. can you believe that tosser Martin Ferguson who represents Batman supporting gruppy profiteers digging uranium. He is the ultimae two bit tosser

Anonymous said...

Tritium can't be dug up. Its better know as heavy hydrogen and is therefore going to be a gas or liquid.

The Daily Magnet said...

1 of the few things Carpenter is doing right over here in the West is standing his ground about not allowing uranium to be mined, in the face of Beazley and Howard's criticism that he needs to get with the program.
It is funny how 1 person's lunatic is another's head of state. There is really only 1 way to eradicate nuclear warheads and that is to vote for pollies that are opposed to it.