Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israel attacks UN, China, Austria, Canada and Finland

(UPDATES I, II, III, IV and V below)

When is an accident not an accident? The killing of 4 UN observers demonstrates the wanton recklessness -at the very least- being displayed by Israel as it razes Lebanon.

Olmert has expressed deep sorrow. He's wisely not added fuel to the fire by adding a rider about how the strike was an unavoidable consequence of fighting Hizbollah. You know, the one Israel has added to every statement of regret in relation to the close to (over?) 400 dead Lebanese civilians.

Kofi Annan wants to know if the targetting could have been deliberate:

Mr Annan describes the strike as a "coordinated artillery and aerial attack on a long-established and clearly marked UN post".
Sounds like a fairly good prima facie case to me.

Israel's Ambassador to the UN puffs up and hits back:

"I was shocked and deeply distressed by the hasty statement by the secretary general insinuating that Israel has deliberately targeted the UN post at Khiam and surprised at these premature and erroneous assertions".
More distressed than at the loss of life? Or less? Different kind of distress, perhaps?

And isn't the word 'erroneous' also then premature? Was it a freudian slip regarding the most likely conclusion to be drawn from any Israeli investigation?

Mr Annan has given his reasons, thereby presenting a case that demands an answer from Israel. Why, Israel, did your carefully targetted attacks hit a

long-established and clearly marked UN post?
Stop whining and give us a damn explanation. If Mr Annan's suspicion is provably way off mark, tell us why.

Oh, and China wants an apology pronto.

UPDATE: Tim Fischer blames 'rogue elements' and points out why it's not premature to be contemplating the worst:

"Clearly there are rogue elements on both sides of the border. There is a rogue element in the Israeli military machine and it's about time the world called a spade a spade and recognised that element has been there for several years and continues.

"Of course they (the Israeli government) will investigate it and I look forward to that and of course you will hold final judgment but as prima facie evidence 10 phone calls - 10 calls - were made from that clearly marked UN compound post.

"And why might you be suspicious? Because there's form. In 1996 the Fijians, the poor old Fijians, maintaining a UN compound in exactly the same area took a hit which killed 104 people sheltering in the UN compound and that has become known as the Qana massacre.

UPDATE II: More evidence they knew, or should have known, what and who they were attacking.

*fingers tapping on desk*

UPDATE III: The bloodshed also continues in Gaza, taking the total death toll to well over half a grand in this 'latest' war.

UPDATE IV: It's not all bad news though, Daniel has evidence of terrorists being nailed!

UPDATE V: More lamenting from Sherro:

It was the most cosmopolitan, democratic, livable and successful Arab society in the Middle East. The Cedar Revolution last year led to the departure of the Syrians. This was a wonderful human triumph, participated in by Lebanese Christians as well as Muslims. But it also had a huge political import. In Washington recently, several analysts told me their most fervent hope was that one day Iraq would come to resemble Lebanon: a bit of chaos, a bit of disorder, a few militias with too many weapons, but the energy of the street, the instinct of the trader, the growing national pride pulling it through to something better.

In other words, the success of Lebanon was the brightest star on the Middle East horizon.

The probable destruction of the modern Lebanese political development is a profound loss for the Middle East.

That too.


CelloBella said...

Hmmm established UN base on a hill. Big letters marked U N.

Shelling all day plus one aerial bomb.

How much more can Israel get away with? How long before the US finally steps in?

Splatterbottom said...

Kofi said that the attack was "apparantly deliberate". I don't know how he knew that.

Why the rush to judgement? (And why in this conflict are you rushing to judge only one side day in day out? You sound like a shill for Hizballah.)

Kofi would be better off having a good lie down and waiting until all relevant facts are known. Maybe he should stick to doing what he does best: using his position to enrich family and friends.

Pat said...

Gotta agree with SB Armaniac. If you keep this level of hysteria up you're gonna bring on a seizure.

Why aren't you all equally knotted up over the ongoing genocide in Sudan? No pictures in the MSM to bestir your aching heart?

How about a world round up of atrocities so that we can all engage in your mathematics of proportionate death tolls.

leftvegdrunk said...

Splat and Pat, did you read the post?

"And isn't the word 'erroneous' also then premature? Was it a freudian slip regarding the most likely conclusion to be drawn from any Israeli investigation?"

Pat said...

May I suggest again some Belmont Club sanity injections to ease your latest conniption fit.

Note: "Now a lot will be made of UN positions being "clearly marked". However all of the fire reported on UN positions with the exception of the July 23 indicident in Kiyam, where the 4 UN observers were killed today, were from artillery, which is an area weapon. Artillery, depending on the angle and range from which it is fired, has a certain dispersion even allowing for crew perfection. (In contrast UNIFIL took small arms fire from the Hezbollah between Kunin and Bint Jubayl and small arms can only be used when visual contact is made). Imperfections in shell manufacture, operator error, barrel wear etc can cause an artillery round to fall off target. It is not called an area weapon for nothing."

and "Even with "precision weapons" the IDF has lost 2 men and 5 wounded to friendly fire so far."

further " UNIFIL are able to run convoys in an area where the Hezbollah are shifting squads around while the IDF doing its best to kill the Hezbollah. Yet until July 26 the UNIFIL had not suffered any fatalities from IDF fire. Their sole serious injury to that date had actually been caused by the Hezbollah, and the injured UN trooper was evacuated by the IDF to an Israeli hospital." (emphasis mine)

Also, the conclusion is worth reading but only those with ears receptive to rationality will understand.

Pat said...

Certainly did LVD.

Armaniac has made no case and what he asserts as prima facie is mere hearsay. We can all see that the UN position was hit by the IDF, the Israelis aren't denying it. Kofi's accusation is the bone of contention and it's up to him to make a case not for the IDF to rebut the first things that dribble from Kofis mouth.

Armaniac hasn't even attempted to mount an argument in this post that goes anywhere near showing that the IDF deliberately targeted the UN position. The post is but a shrieking howl of discontent that even Allen Ginsberg would have a hard time topping.

leftvegdrunk said...

Pat, the IDF shelled the site for hours then hit it with a guided missile. The UN reportedly contacted the IDF a number of times before the final assault. This is not the first time that the IDF has struck the UN in southern Lebanon.

Again, I urge you to read the piece you are attacking. Armaniac has made a case that the attack demonstrates "wanton recklessness", and this appears to be borne out by developments reported in the news overnight. Notably, only you have used the words "deliberately targeted".

I do not know who Allen Ginsberg is, so I suggest you use another anology in your next round of ad hominen nonsense. Nor do I think that Armaniac's post - well, any of them - is "shrieking" or hysterical.

leftvegdrunk said...

Oops, bad spelling: Analogy and hominem. Sorry.

Armagnac Esq said...

Left Veg is accurate, the rest is squirming.

I would be extremely surprised if this was intentional because it was UN. What the facts suggest is that this is further proof that Israel are targetting buildings which they have no good reason to believe contain Hizbollah, on a sort of 'if it could, we kill it and all within it' philosophy.

One which would comfortably support a prosecution.

I'm happy to feel a bit of hysteria- but then again I've never taken mass slaughter of human beings lightly. I guess it's that 'irrational' empathy that makes us lefties.

Belmont Club is a good site for a very biased right wing site. I don't go there for sanity, I go to see what the other side are arguing.

Splatterbottom said...

I guess it's that 'irrational' empathy that makes us lefties.

NO. What makes you lot lefties is that you generally fail to think logically, jump to conclusions, ignore facts that don't suit your case and generally want to warp the rest of the world to fit your twisted morality.

Take this post. Nowhere have you told us that Hizballah was using that UN post as cover while firing on Israelis, you didn't mention Kofi's exact words "apparantly deliberate". In this whole series of posts, you have failed to do one focusing on Hizballah's raining down 1400 anti-personel rockets on civilians.

It's not the empathy, its the irrationality that makes people leftists.

Armagnac Esq said...

I assume that slightly spraying response also applies to conservatives who haven't posted about the miseries in Lebanon.

Only given that 10 times as many Lebanese have died, that would make them ten times as irrational etc.

Really splatts, I've comfortably made out my case many times over and neither you and pat, despite constantly raiding in and arguing, have addressed the key points.

It gets a bit tiresome.

Daniel said...

Anyone who seeks to put forward justification for the wanton killing and destruction going on in Lebanon is morally bankrupt as well as tiresome.

Splatterbottom said...

It gets a bit tiresome.

Armaniac, you should enjoy the fact that a few critical thinkers come around to set you straight from time to time. Otherwise you would be left with the usual conga-line of suckholes to grace your anus with their warm slavering tongues.

leftvegdrunk said...

Splatterbottom, I fail to see how your contribution could be described as critical thought. Indeed, your abusive remarks make you look like a dolt. And I hardly think you have set anyone straight, either. As the updates to the post show, Armaniac is quite right to criticise the actions of the IDF. I suggest you stop using the violence occuring in Lebanon as an excuse to abuse those with whom you disagree and attempt instead to contribute something of substance or value.

Daniel, well said. And nice work on your blog, too.

Armagnac Esq said...

That's quite an erotic image you provide there, splatts, in its, er, own genre of course!

Splatterbottom said...

Go easy leftveg.

Can't you see what is happening here: slanted evidence, total omission of any mitigating factors, heaping the blame all on one side and voila - instant hysterical rage.

Armaniac will see this again when his child reaches two years of age.

Splatterbottom said...

That's quite an erotic image you provide there, splatts, in its, er, own genre of course!

Armaniac, I envy you. I am a bit too ascerbic to command that type of attention myself.

Armagnac Esq said...

If my child is capable of more nuanced analysis than 2/3 of the populace at that age then I will be... hang on, my child probably WILL be so capable (allowance made for incredible fatherly hubris at this juncture).

Having been linked by pro-Israel Harry because I'm one of the few lefty sites in the blogosphere to provide some potential solutions for Israel and to acknowledge the rocky place they were in, I think you know you're just spleening when you say "total omission of any mitigating factors".

Splatterbottom said...

The omission was in the current post, where you neglected to point out that Hizballah were launching their rockets in close proximity to the UN Post. The details are in Bolt's article of today. I won't raise your ire by linking to it.

Armagnac Esq said...

I was gonna say 'not at all' but then thought- Bolt- better not!

I'm not Mr Lefty though, I do sometimes agree with something he says.

But you are not making any new point since the start of hostilities. Essentially you are saying such attacks justify an all-out response even though there is a high risk of killing an overwhelming majority of civilians. I am saying they may justify some response, but only where the target is clearly identified and risk of civilian casualties is as low as possible. I claim that the stats back my assessment that the response is wholly disproportionate, you disagree.

This is where we do not agree.

Splatterbottom said...

That is about 99% right, Armaniac. I wouldn't say "all out" is justified, though.

Pat said...

I applaud the fact that you are covering this conflict - it deserves attention.

What is most irksome and tiresome is this constant dripping of leftists applauding themselves for their supposed "empathy". As SB says its the irrationality that sets the left apart.

Please consider what I am about to say as sincere and genuine: I do not doubt for one second that the intenstions of Armaniac, LVG or Daniel are nothing but driven by a sincere sympathy for those innocent civilians killed. Again, I don't doubt that your arguments arise from a natural and inborn impulse to defend the weak. I assume it.

However, leftists believe that their feelings are a reflection of truth. Your feelings have clouded your judgement. You give sympathy on one hand and because one side has claimed it first, the other you must necessarily then turn into a monster - otherwise you would have to regard their humanity as well. Such a conflict, since your feelings overide your rational faculties, would cause great confusion and impotence. And after all, what is a leftist without a cause to MARCH and TRUMPET for? He is nothing.

May I suggest that it would benefit our discourse if you were to assume that conservatives such as myself and SB are also moved with an empathy for people? We may draw different conclusions to you but it doesn't follow therefore that we are without a spirit of humanity.

Anyway, LVG - if you were to direct me to evidence of this "guided missile" I am more than prepared to re-evaluate my position.

Oh, and as for Allen Ginsberg, this , I am sure will recall a feeling of Deja Vu.

Anonymous said...

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