Wednesday, March 01, 2006

True liberals aren't celebrating 10 years of Rodentry

Divisiveness savaged:
Dr Hewson accused Mr Howard — who yesterday raised the prospect of another decade of Coalition rule — of having "run on his prejudices a lot" during the past 10 years, and urged a return to less divisive social policy in coming years. "In value terms, we've gone backwards. There has been a tendency to be divisive".
He'll turn up and eat the canapes anyway, unlike some:
Malcolm Fraser, who has become deeply disillusioned with elements of Coalition social policy, will be attending a family function.
Ah Malcolm, you weren't meant to take the whole 'liberal' thing literally. It's like the 'democratic' in 'democratic socialist'...


BridgeGirl said...

This morning one of the guys in the office said how happy he was with the Howard government and how they have managed the economy.

When I commented that they have played to people's fears (referring to the boat people, war in Iraq, Muslim debate), he made a racist comment.

I think there are a lot of small l liberals out there who want more money for education and health, but realise that in order to stay in power, Howard needs to play on people's fears.

I think this would change if there was more intellectuals & stronger personalities in opposition. But who wants to go into politics these days? It's a horrible sport to play.

R H said...

Yes, old 'Birthday Cake' Hewson. Haven't heard from him for a while.
Maybe he's worked out by now whether those little candy decorations on top of a birthday cake are subject to GST.

Splatterbottom said...

I suspect the 'family function' is a polite ruse to cover up the fact that Malcom has mislaid his trousers again.

The real trouble is people are so easily manipulated by the likes of Howard, that any likely pretenders (eg Costello) seem to have taken a lesson from this. As a country we are getting what we deserve. If we want it changed, we need to get people to stop rewarding bad behaviour from our politicians.

I don't know any easy way to do this. It seems we have to talk to our friends one at a time to try to get them to see the importance of this.

Insulting them as "McMansion Men" a la David Williamson will probably not do it.

phil said...

I once met Fraser in about 1984 when he was just out of office but still the 'enemy'. He was very charming and quite down to earth. I had to revise my opinion of him, it only took about 20 years.

Luther said...

They are probably cheering this:

Vehicles Restricted in Baghdad Amid Iraqi Violence

Anonymous said...

They should be dealing with this...and join feingold before celebrating

Feingold Calls Warrantless Wiretaps an Impeachable Offense

Anonymous said...

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