Tuesday, March 21, 2006

On Leadership: West Wing speaketh

I'm watching West Wing with beloved, fantasising about becoming Sam Seborne - beloved may also have fantasised about me becoming Rob Lowe, best I don't ask - and there's a line, already I forget the particular context, but it got me thinking about Kimbo and my comrades. It went a little something like...

...(bastardised by my memory and two light beers)...

Don't be like the French radical who watched as the crowds of people surged past his window, thinking about how he had to find out where they were going so he could lead them.

Or something, you get my point.


Brownie said...

There is definitely a lack of passion.
This may be because We The Electorate are all very 'well-off' these days.
Labor needs an Orator with belly fire, to go about inspiring voters to care about the things that, if addressed now, will give us a better future.
Well it is just one thing actually. People. They start out as babies. These babies need to be born into love and proper care. This is the only way to eliminate the criminal class which in turn reduces the budgets required for policing and Justice.
Can't add more now, am off to the Trades Hall to put myself forward for preselection - oh! my Federal and State reps are already Labor. And they keep quiet about Live sheep exports so they keep their seats. drat.

Crystal said...

that brownie's been living in the woods too long.
West Wing, Rob Lowe, passion, 'you get my point?' - I'd like to get Rob Lowe's point

Bartlet for Prez!

JahTeh said...

Most Americans would prefer Bartlet for Prez.

Slighty off topic. Saw a bit in the paper that said Bob Hawke didn't mind his photo being taken with games tourists in the city.
Can't see the rodent doing that not that anyone would want a photo taken with him.
Can't imagine Beaz doing it either.

Chai said...

Good analogy. The ALP is doomed for another term in opposition.

phil said...

Under the influence of half a doz glasses of chateau collapso, I'm a good deal more optimistic than when I last left a comment, so I'll just say "keep hope". NB: Not "alive" (TM). Things will slowly swing regardless of the current sad condition of the party potentially most likely to form the next government. The increasing proximity of Treasury bench leather (shit, I should become a journo at this rate) will overcome the current petty bastardry (whether it throws up the best candidates is another matter entirely). It'll happen. Don't you worry about that (hmm...been living in Qld too long...).

Anonymous said...


French Student Protests Turn Violent

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