Monday, July 05, 2010

The White Kind Of Migrants?

Pursuant to the previous post, I hadn't heard this particular line she's wheeled out. But all that banging on about political correctness takes on a clearer tone when you understand that what Australia needs are the right kind of migrants.

Of course we do. People like my dad couldn't agree more.

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Ann ODyne said...

I have said many times that the people who oppose accepting all refugees/asylum seekers etc., are people who just don't trust Admin to weed out the crims and gangsters.
More of that undesirable type get here by going through The Proper Channels we are always told should be honoured.
I wish I could hit the beaches and help boat people ashore, but I'm not going to hold it against Our PM this week.
I followed your link to the nasty sniping catfight blog and I did agree with Dandy Warhol who said
"It’s easier to say
‘a good government lost its way’ than to say
‘the paranoid man-child control freak that we elected as our leader lost the plot and became less popular than a cowpat’.