Monday, July 05, 2010

So I saw posterous

And I thought, looks great, posting by email would be much more office-friendly. Why can't I do that with blogger?

Apparently I can, so here's testing.

Update; so it worked, but now all my info has gone to the bottom of the page, and the colours aren't loading up properly. Is this happening to you, dear reader, on my site? Any idea why?


Ann ODyne said...

my Blugger posting issue is the refusal to upload a photo the usual way, and having to resort to Puke-asa, which then won't let me delete the photo from my drive, saying "it will delete from the blog as well" christ.
good luck to you though.

Penthe said...

Yes, all your stuff has gone to the bottom. I just thought you were experimenting with making us look more thoroughly.

Dale said...

I'm not sure what you mean. Unless you've updated the page since you've posted it, it looks just the same as every other post.

Are you sure it's not a browser issue with the page?

There's no technical reason for the post to be different - Posterous would be using the same programming interface code to update your blog as Blogger uses to post from your browser.

Armagny said...

Oh the post is fine- although it initially came out in a smaller font, I'll try fix that at the email end. It's the rest of the website- normally my info junk & links sit to the side, not at the bottom. I've had this problem before if I've uploaded large (as in physically large on the page) images, but no such this time...