Monday, July 05, 2010

Gillard warms up for the mother of all sell-outs

If you celebrated the notion that Gillard's ascension marked some sort of turning point in the system, a change from the old order, you might be reconsidering.

First the vicious execution, now the sell-outs.

Apparently she sees political correctness everywhere, especially in relation to asylum seekers. I'm flumoxed, here I was thinking we lived in the same country- that would be the one where the overwhelming national voice is screeching about the thousands of boats threatening to overwhelm us, the fact that they're full of murderers and terrorists, the fact that they make up 200% of our immigration take etc., but apparently the quiet, humble ordinary folk are being shut down by political correctness.

So it's not about race or culture, not about bigotry? Could have fooled me- as per my heated argument with the old man last night, or more genial discussions had with a couple of relatives holding the same views not long back, it soon becomes ALL ABOUT our 'way of life' and protecting 'our culture' and signposts in other languages and all those Sudanese waiting to jump on boats (I know, they're actually the ones in queues, you explain it, they don't get it, foreigners are foreigners...).

So we wait. Minority deluded politically correct loryars like me waiting to see what she's warming up for here. If in fact she's 'acknowledging' concerns prior to doing the right thing, then I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Part 2, unloading about the old man and the latest string of insults he managed to bark out under the guise of the abovementioned discussion, coming shortly.


Ann ODyne said...

I was a volunteer worker at a refugee-week function in Colac and got up-close with some of the Sudanese settled in the town.
One young girl had such a horrific experience in Sudan that she can barely speak and is still terrified.
There is of course, the one from Khartoum who claims to be a princess and won't do dishes, but I'm not holding one against the other.
The men work in the abbatoirs where whitey won't, so think about that when you have steak for dinner.

blue milk said...

It frustrates me a little that people are already feeling disappointed in Gillard.

Yes, she is the first woman Prime Minister here, and yes, she is from the Left, and yes, she is a feminist but unless each of us spent the last few weeks in our local suburb door-knocking and somehow converted all our neighbours over to the left then what were we expecting exactly of Gillard?