Thursday, February 11, 2010

What sort of hiatus is this?

I don't know. It's like Murphy's law, you make a call you've been building up to for months, bereft of inspiration, then suddenly the blogwaters break.

A little.

I don't know. I do know I'm particularly bad at this whole 'stop blogging', 'stop this blog', 'start a different blog to discuss X' thing. It's probably a certifiable condition under the DSM, but at least I'm not putting anyone in mortal danger.





Penthe said...

You can be the Dame Nellie Melba of blogging. Someone has to be.

Elisabeth said...

Don't give up. Just do what you need to do, as you need to do it. Remember, it's only you who needs this really.

Others will entourage you to stay. Some, like your wife, will encourage you to leave.

Maybe there's a compromise somewhere down the track.

I can talk. I've been looking for one lately, too, a compromise that is.

This blogging stuff can seem dangerously addictive.

Beno said...

I'm glad you havent gone yet.

I'm not very good at regular blogging, I say I'll be a twice a week blogger and I become a twice a monther. So I kinda understand the commitment thing. BUT I have a sneaky feeling though that you have things to commentary on and this is a good podium.

Power of positive thinking has me saying: I look forward to reading your next post(s).