Monday, February 15, 2010

Bear breaking out in song

Yesterday: "You can't always get what you want-want... you can't always get what you want-want"...

Saturday: "This time ba-by I'll be-ee-ee bulle-e-tproof!"

Spanning generations, my girl chalks up some serious cred with Rollings Stones and La Roux, respectively. Particularly impressed that when I started singing the former with her, and we did the "try some time, you just might fi-ind", she hit the dominant fifth to create the perfect harmony for "get what you nee-eed".

[While I'm pottering about music, KD Lang.. wow. Hallelujah should now officially be banned from reality TV shows and minor diva cover albums for evermore. It has 3 owners, that's enough.]

They're good kids. Yesterday I was sick, and sickly, and flopping around with sallow eyes and no energy. She gave me hugs, Mitts gave me concerned looks. I felt loved.

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