Monday, January 15, 2007

What think the Chairman of this addition?

Chairman is good!

Minh is still a little apprehensive but is improving by the day.


skepticlawyer said...

Contented cat, contented kid, can't see your face but suspect you're smiling too. It's all good!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to say congratulations so "congratulations."

I'm interested in how your cats get on as we are expecting in March and we have a solo feline companion. I've tried to soften the blow by telling our cat that she'll be the third smartest in the house for a while as a consolation. Not sure if the message gets across as she usually wanders off to look at her food bowl after our chats.

lucy tartan said...

mao's looking forward to the time when there are lots of outgrown (but Mao-sized) rompers and matinee jackets for him & Minh to play dressups in. And further down the track there will come a day when that little bundle on your lap will stick both cats in a pram & take them for a walk around the clothesline.

iODyne said...

Thought balloon over inscrutable catface has this in it:

OK OK I can coexist with this little beauty until I have her trained to feed me when They aren't looking.
yes this is Very Good, they've sprouted me a new Human Slave.

Gianna said...

i remember when i first brought Harley home and my semi-feral cat would skirt all the way around the room, belly to the ground, trying to avoid this strangle little human lump lying on the floor, arms and legs flapping about. he was petrified of the baby. he ended up running away, deeply offended. our other cat is the complete opposite, a lapcap who adores Harley, i think he's flattered by all the extra attention.