Saturday, December 30, 2006

Missmuss Creme

It's been a while. Merry Christmas and a world-changing and left-leaning New Year to you all.

I got mentioned in a meme. Cristy, Paul, 3rd Pea; greetings to your wee family from sunny Melbourne. I was going to do the meme here as a way of stimulating the writing juices, but as it's all about Christmas, an overrated event that's well and truly passed, I think I'll just clump some thoughts together from the past few weeks...

It's nice to be wanted. I got a third job offer out of the process that largely took place several months ago. A brilliant job, one I never even thought I'd get an interview for, but one which involves moving to another city and taking a big pay cut, so I don't even have the luxury of weighing it up against my current role.

Work is fine. I'm getting over the manifest disappointment of finding out, contrary to at least some of my expectations, that there's almost as much oversight and duplication in the new role as in the previous one. While most people don't talk to each other at all, there are a couple prepared to say "good morning" and go for lunch once in a while. The actual law is interesting, the files challenging, so I'm not hating it yet despite some notable disappointments. Previous paragraph and all.

Enough. You'd rather hear about my little bear, I'm sure.

She kicks. She bum-butts. I sing to her and play with her tootsies. Her mum just laughs- Mrs Armagnac is holding up like a champion, having finished work and adopted a managing position on the big couch. My old bandmate is due around now, and in four or five weeks, just after us, other good friends will be joining the baby bonus club.

I want my little bear here now, I want to play.

I got an I-POD nano for Chrissie. I got beloved a leather bound journal to write about bear and a subscription to Who Weekly so she has a trashy distraction in the current months. The cats got lots of things that make noise to push all around the floor. Which they push all around the floor. Between lap-hopping and snarling at the black-and-white cat that comes up to the front window each evening.

Are you still out there, fellow blogaholics? What pressies did you give and receive?


Legal Eagle said...

My dear baby turns one soon. Before you know it, your little bear will be out! It's the best post-Christmas present ever. There are so many babies due at the moment. I know 5 babies born in the last two weeks!

I'm up to 7 or 8 workplaces by now. Funnily enough, each one has had very similar drawbacks, regardless of whether it was a law firm, government, academia or a corporation. I don't know if it's a problem with the law, or whether it's just about workplaces in general? I haven't tried working outside the law yet.

First Xmas with baby was good - although she liked the wrapping paper as much as the presents she got. She tried to eat the ribbon. Strangely enough, the presents she received seem to resemble your cats' presents - things to push around the floor which make noises!

cristy said...

I'm getting the bum-butts too! They feel so weird.

It sounds like things are going well for you right now, which is great. Have a lovely new year.

phil said...

Not one but two guitars - an Aria acoustic and a fairly ancient Ovation Applause picked up on the spur of the moment in a guitar shop in Coffs Harbour as we wended our way back north to the leafy western suburbs. Mrs VVB got two large handpainted ceramic tiles with cats on. All the best for 2007.

TimT said...

A gigantic book of New Yorker cartoons. I had to struggle it onboard the plane and back to Melbourne from Newcastle. They're good, though.

Happy New Year, Armagnac.

Brownie said...

Hello TimT - the guys I gave house-sitting to for christmas, got that book too. They lugged it back from Adelaide.

I got a DVD of Boston Legal episodes.
I just lerve Spader & Shatner.

Armaniac - your Who Weakly gift was just inspired.
Those celeb snaps fill an important role in community health, ie:
"if she has all of Hollywoods expertise at hand and she still looks dreadful, then I am doing OK in comparison".