Saturday, December 09, 2006

Home sweet truckload of moolah

It was hot. We stood a few metres from the auctioneer. I launched bidding early, held my nerve until our limit. It kept going, 30 thousand more and it eventually sold.

I'm glad in some respects it went for that much; for a few moments there it looked like the bid after my last, a mere 5 grand higher, would be the winner, which for whatever irrational reason would be hard to swallow.

But given that the place was not outstanding to begin with, the market might be sending us a message.

Preston and Coburg suddenly look attractive.

Damn it was hot, still is. A day to blast any last drops of optimism out of our withered husks and force us to pick up our tents and head north, towards the distant pools of mud, hoping they don't turn out to be a mirage.

Sorry bub, daddy didn't get you somewhere to live today, I'll keep trying.


Brownie said...

Dear Armaniac - Australia is the only country in the world where citizens think leasing a home is an inferior position.
Baby Brandy has a home already.
I you had studied Business Practice as well as Law, you would know it is economic sense to keep your Fixed Costs (ie mortgage) low and your variables (rent) can do anything.
You have NOT failed your Little Dot at all.
Auctions are all volatile and it is very disappointing to miss out on an anticipation though.
Tonight the successful bidders are wondering how they can live in it the way it is, or how they can afford to fix it up.
Relax with a drink and laugh at them.

phil said...

Brownie's right. Iam, we are, you are a shareholder society. Think not what you can do for your country, but how aspirational you can get.

Holy moley this brew no 11 is good stuff. Good evening.

JahTeh said...

A house just up from me sold at Auction for over half a million in an ordinary street but it does have views over a swishy golf course. In my mother's street, a semi-detached went for $464,000 so next door is asking $465,000,insane amounts of money.

Did I hurry to tell the ex that this house was worth nothing like that, you bet.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, consider the West. Seriously.
No seriously.
It's not what people say about it.

Word verification is Twddafoe, which sounds like a Welsh village. Is this a sign?

Cast Iron Balcony

Legal Eagle said...

I know how you feel: we felt very stressed out that we hadn't managed to get into the housing market before we had our baby.

But I have worked in banking litigation - having had to repossess houses turned me off overextending myself with an exorbitant mortgage. The prices these days are totally insane. I refuse to pay those amounts. I just hope prices will go down some day.

I think Brownie's point is a very good one. At the moment, we get far better value for our dollar renting - if we paid the same in mortgage repayments as we do in rent, I doubt we'd be able to afford anything better than a shack in outer Whoop Whoop. However, we can afford to rent somewhere quite nice for the same amount.

So: don't be too hard on yourself. What is most important is that your darling bubba has two loving parents who can't wait to meet her (better than the biggest mansion in the world).

ansteybranchopolous said...

welcome to Coburg a great place lots of green except for christine campbell, fab salami, meat, fruit, bread, not a yuppie in sight.

The Daily Magnet said...

Silly old daddy - don't you know home is wherever you are?

If there are plenty of Italians in a suburb you know it's a great place to live, go Coburg!