Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Go Balls Out Kevin

As we'd say in Darwin. It is worth fighting until there's blood on the carpet over this issue:

"I intend to get new talent onto the frontbench of the Labor Party and I've already indicated that Peter Garrett will be part of that new, talented line-up," he said."There'll be others as well, I'm confident of that. "I'll be leading this show and when it comes to the outcomes I want I intend to get them."I don't particularly care if others have opposing views - that's what's going to happen."

Emmerson, Tanner, Garrett, fingers crossed for some promotion of talent for once.

Speaking of which, Laurie Ferguson again proves to be the sharpest tool in the box when he calls for Gillard to take Treasury.

Gillard should not take treasury. McMullen, Tanner or even Emmerson for that one. I agree with the talking head on telly this morning and would give Gillard IR, myself.

C'mon kids, get it right...


Splatterbottom said...

I feel sorry for Beazley. Yesterday must have been the hardest day of his life.

I thought Rudd sounded very credible. I particularly liked the line about not being an echo of the Libs. Still Latham was greeted by a wave of euphoria, but he cracked under the pressure of a campaign. I wonder what dirty tricks Little Johnny Rotten has in store for Kevin?

Legal Eagle said...

I feel very sorry for Beasley too. It's pretty hard to find that you've just lost your bro after losing the leadership.

Still, I do hope that this new team works...

Rachy said...

I'm seriously going to miss good old Kim. He actually comes across as a decent bloke, probably too decent for politics.

However, I cannot take Julia Gillard seriously. She is someone who supported Mark Latham for Prime Minister, and proposed Medicare Gold. I did not dislike Mark Latham because of my political references, I disliked him because after having lived overseas a few times I thought to myself how freaking embarrassing it would be if he became our PM.

Kevin Rudd I could handle. Just not bloody Gillard. Maybe with allocution lessons I could bear it. My God, that voice. * Shudders *

Rachy said...

I meant elocution

* grumble grumble * fucking voice recognition software * grumble grumble *

Armagnac Esq said...

You have voice recognition software?

Geez, you really are a nerd aren't you Lippy?

I don't think there's anything wrong with her electrocution, she just has the most drawn out ocker accent you ever heard.

Anonymous said...

Garrett on the front bench? The big Greenie cop-out. What happened to all his ideals? He's just an old rocker smoothing his way to a huge super payout in years to come.

Legal Eagle said...

I disliked Latham partially because of his image (I've also lived overseas), but also because he was a bully.

Like the time he called Liberal powerbroker Tony Staley as a "deformed character", referring to Staley's disabilities suffered as a result of a car accident. Attack Staley for his politics, don't attack him for his disability. Latham was happy to deal insults out to others, but couldn't take it when they came back at him.

At least Beazley seemed like a nice person: just out of touch, and trying too hard to do the "populist" thing.