Sunday, November 12, 2006

To fight another day

Pampar has, against the expectations of all in hospital and most who know him, beaten both death and the suffocating pools of water death placed in his lungs.

Mammar thought she lost him when his plane went down in the war. He pulled through then, he's pulled through again now. I thought he might, he's had his mettle tested many times and isn't likely to go easily.

I wonder if he's hanging out to meet his first great grandchild. It's a long time when you're blind and your organs are trying to pack up and retire on you, but I have my fingers crossed that he'll make the next couple of months and at least hear the news that he's paved the way for 3 subsequent generations. Better yet, we'll fly up there as soon as beloved is able and he can hold her in person.

Two ends of a lifeline arcing towards each other. Separated by the vicissitudes of birth and death.


Don Quixote said...

Good on him! The role that the will has in keeping humans alive is once again proved significant.

Legal Eagle said...

That's great news. Keep on hanging in there, Pampar!

Enny said...

I'm so glad he is well =o)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Gnac.

I do hope he gets to see his first grandchild... and live on quite a while after that.

Cast Iron Balcony

BwcaBrownie said...

Ditto what Balcony Woman said.
peace and love ...