Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Brazil and I

Hundreds of procedures, institutional foibles and idiosynchratic quirks are wizzing around my tiny brain following my launch into the new job. I cannot, of course, discuss detail as always, but I'll say enough that it's pretty interesting so far. I apologise for scant blogging, including visiting others (bloglines has sat dormant for a couple of weeks!). A thought of the day on each of my favourite topics...

Cancellation of The Glass House ranks alongside pulling the Jones book and the Safran episode on tar-coif as low water marks in the ilLiberal era of right wing political correctness and censorship. There is so little to compare to The Glass House that the argument it's being pulled to make way for fresh creativity is transparent bunkum. Labor should indicate an intention to go after individuals who abuse their power so blatantly and hold them accountable- retrospective legislation and a royal commission should do the trick.

Missed the Fisherman, the doco that inspired a defo case I've discussed recently, but it's covered by the Legal Soapboxer.

My daughter is coming along nicely, gave a few kicks as I hummed to her tonight, which I believe was her trying to burrow her way to silence through the back of beloved's womb.

We look at houses. We look at more houses. We look at Preston. Slowly it starts looking prettier- the eye of the beholder is wearied and myopic.

And I jammed with the boys for the first time in months and months. With 2 of the 3 of us close to fatherhood, we may end up becoming the alternative version of the Wiggles so we can justify practicing, but any chance to belt something out would be a welcome diversion from the statute books.

Regards from new starter stasis...


Yucky Mummy said...

Re your comments on the Glasshouse. I am not a fan I have to say. I find such scripted comedy and canned laughter a bit too light. What the ABC should do is have a vehicle to showcase up and coming new comedic talent in the way that JJJ has done with new music. There is so much comedy, stand-up and otherwise, on pay TV. There has to be a market for more Australian comedy.

lucy tartan said...

Oh yes, Preston's looking better every day.

We got faintly interested in a house in Henry St which finally went to auction last week -- estimate was 250k -- went for 382k.

Not going to bother with the Northcote area any more.

Legal Eagle said...

It's so exciting feeling the baby move in response to your voice! My baby loved it when I drank hot chocolate, she used to do a little jig against my solar plexus (which was increasingly uncomfortable as she got bigger). She really didn't like the sound of the Nazgul in the Lord of the Rings movies, and tried to hide against my left kidney.

It may reassure you to know that my husband still manages to have a few jams with his mates, and our 10 month old little girl enjoys them. She loves rhythm and music (she's truly our child). Now that she can stand, she does a little jig when music with a beat is playing. She also LOVES her daddy's acoustic guitar. She's a good girl.