Friday, November 11, 2005

Tomorrow, the groom is stripped bare...

Tomorrow I marry beloved.

I wrote a long post, but it inexplicably disappeared. I don't trust this dodgy net cafe, which also previously nearly cost me an essay. I'll keep this very brief.

Some of you have followed this since my engagement, on this blog. Some of you even read about the proposal *winks*

Thank you for your company, wisdom and friendship, it has helped me a great deal. I will continue here with writeups of the wedding, Vietnam, and random lefty political rants shortly.

I am in chaos, everything is chaos, but it isn't all bad, it's coming together. Sort of.

Sometime in the next 24 hours or so my birth and life families meet. They've never met. Well actually there was an encounter (life mum calls, birth brother answers...):

Mum: Is Armaniac (*not real name) there?

Bro: No sorry.

Mum: Who's this?

Bro: His brother.

Mum: He doesn't have a brother.

..... (sound of two lights clicking on)...

Bro: Um, I'm his er brother.

Mum: Ah, er, ok I'll call back later.


They were both so embarrassed, poor things. Thankfully when I heard, at my bucks, I was already pissed so I cracked up laughing.

My bucks was at pubs, drinking and enjoying fine conversation rather than watching waxed pink bits. Some of the lads tried to pick me up and carry me somewhere near the end, but after I'd inflicted various injuries with my knees, elbows and teeth they realised that I meant it when I said I'd draw blood before they took me anywhere.

Hijinks over!

And this is it. The last vestige of my youth about to be signed away forever.

Can't wait! Wish me luck, see you on the other side.....xx


Anonymous said...

Good luck buddy!! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make things (even) better tomorrow!
Love n hugs, Hannie

MrLefty said...

Good luck mate. Hope it goes brilliantly!

Just remember to try to relax and enjoy the day, rather than spending it worrying about how it's going to go...

Ours went brilliantly, but we were both so stressed and worrying about it that we didn't make sure to enjoy it as much as we should have...

Another Outspoken Female said...

Thinking of you tomorrow - enjoy. You aint signing nothing away, youth doesn't end with vows (in fact for some it never ends at all).

rachy said...

Good luck. I'll have a drink for you both tomorrow :-)

Brownie said...

Wot Lefty said, plus Love.

Chai said...

Good luck an all the best. And remember, flowers can probably solve most disputes.

nailpolishblues said...

Good luck and congratulations.

Flowers? Ha, you wish, chai!

Lord Sedgwick said...

What everyone said and then some.

Good luck. Long nights and long lives together.

(And you turn up! No piking out!)

BourbonBird said...

Love love love love love! Congratulations on making it!

trix said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Hope you're having an amazing time. Enjoy it :)

trix said...

p.s. I'm in Melbourne again on the last weekend of the month.... househunting :O

cfsmtb said...

We tips our lids & charge our glasses!

Amy said...

Yay you did it!! Congratulations, old salt. I'm sure there's nothing but the best in store for the two of you - you sure deserve it.

Gerry said...

Good luck. Will she still let you blog afterwards? Anyway, I suppose you'll be far too busy for a while to blog. Or is it not like that these days, hmmm?

Go to her, my son!!!

LadyCracker said...

Looking forward to a post wedding rant. Yay! sure it was fun.

Armagnac Esq. said...

Thanks y'all!

Armagnac Esq. said...

Oh CL said:

-" Congratulations ****.

Many happy years together - that's my wish for you. "-

Unfortunately naming me, so sorry cl i had to can it, but thanks muchly!

CLs link is:

Anonymous said...

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