Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fall of the individual poliblog?

So I'm sitting here sipping another tiger beer and of course my mind hasn't let go of blogging. The great addiction.

I've documented much in the lead up to my wedding, perhaps the essence of the purpose of this site. It has been carthartic, I met readers who don't frequent the political morass I'd previously played in.

Out in the lefty mainstream, blogging is dominated by large group blogs. Larvatus, Stoush, WSA caucus. They're good, but as excellent individual bloggers like Liam throw their hats into the collective ring I wonder if part of the character of blogging isn't slipping away, the individual personalities of the blogs. Writer/editors taking control of that which was previously left to the individual, flicking through their favourite voices.

No-one in the left has managed to approach the consistent, vicious but effective voice of Mr Blair (the Tim).

Is this evolution, or is there a gap? I'm married now, have made a new career direction, and am planning to get the net installed at home so I don't have to do all my blogging over a quick coffee before work or at lunch.

I'm ready to get it on, but I wonder if the time of the tight, individual, personal voice in poliblogging is over... except for the alpha-few.


BwcaBrownie said...

So we form The Blogger Party, Tim Blair our Fearless leader, pay our $350 to register it. 500 members at $1 each. Campaign online - inexpensive - and claim our $500,000 when it is all over.
That's a grand each for a bit of fun or I'm a toaster.

GS said...

Armaniac i am amused that even on your honeymoon in a steamy, cheap beered destination - you blog. Considering you have blogged about a bit over the years, I can't imagine that all of a sudden you will cease espousing your political views in this domain.

Prove me wrong if you like :)

lucy tartan said...

mmm, Tiger Bia.....

adam said...

i was actually saddened to see you veer away from the political side with its accompanying punch-ons. I guess after your upteenth rant in the comments of anothers' blog, you DO begin to wonder 'what's the point?' Personally, I often despair of the 'blogging left', because they (we) are usually humourless and pedantic when compared with some of the better wits on the right. In addition, some of the more popular lefty blogs are also very snobby, which I would have thought is rather missing the point.

Glad to hear the 'moon is going well!

R.H. said...

A good comment adam. Very good. But they won't listen, they can't.

BwcaBrownie said...

Adam: where are the witty wightwinger bwogs please?

MP: didn't I seeing you skulking in the Comments at Ms.Paradox? Bad groom!

Chai said...

If they have Anchor beer, give that a try if you havent already.

adam said...

Brownie, i love the blogger party! Another Blair Government! And we need SOMEONE to stop this bloody bleeding heart Howard Govt in its tracks. Bring on the RWDB social apocalypse!

By the by, blogs like Paul & Carl's are what I find a bit of a cack. And whist disagreeing with everything they say, Currency Lad and Prof Bunyip are always a good read... On the other hand, I can't imagine how any right thinking person could enjoy the bitter mid-life-crisis worldview of Tim Blair.

Armagnac Esq said...

Ms Paradox?

I agree with adam, not sure what the best model for it is, but we need a few more jabbing tarty funny lefty poliblogs.

And certainly there's some major snobbery and aloofness on the big lefty ones, and I always feel that takes from our point.

R.H. said...

Getting married was a good move. You're on the boil, really thinking. I'll be hiring you for my next court case.

lucy tartan said...

Which are the big lefty ones?

R.H. said...

Ignore that question, you're on your honeymoon.

Armagnac Esq said...

There's a bit on Larvae Pro, but I should emphasise that Mr Bahnisch, the principle author, doesn't show it.

My post shouldn't be taken as a stab at those sites, because I think they're doing a good job of holding up the vanguard. There's just been a bit of a shift in the style of poliblogs in the 14 months or so since I first started reading blogs, so I was interested in what others have to say about it.

r h, I'm shifting into legislating from litigation so I might not be your best bet. Anonymous lefty's at the bar though, I'm sure I could track down his identity if you needed him ;)

Minotaur said...

I asked almost exactly the same question on my blog about a month ago and got some fairly interesting answers.

I dunno about multi voice blogs ... it's kind of like tuning in to your favourite radio show without knowing who'll be hosting it today. There's a good side, there's a bad side. But the thing that first attracted me to blogs was the idea of being able leaping in to a person's mind. That's less achievable in a group blog. There's a diffuseness. Not better, not worse, just different. But ultimately, it's the single voice blogs I keep going back to.

R.H. said...

Well thanks very much but Robert Richter Q.C. does all my bullshitting for me nowadays although I'm sure Mr Lefty could shovel it just as well.
Bob smokes a pack of Temple Bar a day and says the latte set can get fucked. Good on him. That's my kind of lawyer!
The best bloke I had before that was big fat John Dee who is now a judge. He really got some sweat up under that horsehair I can tell you! He got me off on appeal when I should have done time. Marvellous effort. Mind you, it cost me my MG sports car which I had to sell and hand to Mr Dee (Jaggers) in a white envelope. Very upsetting. But then again, as he said, "You can't drive a car around in Pentridge, can you." Quite right. You can't. And anyway, who'd argue with Mr Dee? Waste of time. Same with Bob Richter. Don't bother. Because when it comes to white envelopes they're stronger than a locomotive. Faster than a speeding bullet. Can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Ron said...

I am a bit late commenting on this thread but here goes:

I am becoming bored very fast with group blogs. Many of the people who write on them were interesting and often incisive when they were lone bloggers; they seem to lose that edge in group blog. Perhaps it's a type of laziness.

Group blogs are remind me of cask wine whereas the single ones, a good bottled drop.

As minotaur wrote above, "it's the single voice blogs I keep going back to".

Armagnac Esq said...

Thanks ron, not too late for me!

Anonymous said...

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