Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Coming up smelling of rose-tinted glasses

Mitts staggers, almost runs. He is into tackling Bear at the moment, giggling the whole time. She's softened up on him I think, and is content enough provided she gets some 'her time' reading the Dinosaur book (COMP-sog-NAY-thus!), drawing or playing the Ladybug game.

The other day she drew a face, put the eyes where they should go, then the mouth, then the hair. I was rapt- parenting is all small miracles and found corners of happiness.

Mitts asks for cuddles (Mama!), his daddy (MAMA!), the cats (MA-MA!) and his mum (...ay!), but on other topics is quite happy to warble out all sorts of semi-intelligible noises. He chases balls, ALL THE TIME, something he hasn't got from his parents, both of whom are utterly incompetent with all things sporting. Still, I'm only going to encourage him, despite my preference for Brasilian Ju Jitsu if he is going to do some sort of contact sport.

The cats are exploring their new gardens, jumping fences and putting themselves in harm's way, so we're in the middle of feline AIDS injections.

I'm doing my usual career hand-wringing, Beloved is taking it all in her stride, and we are otherwise good.

Leaving me back here once more...


Deborah said...

I hope you come back! I've only just 'found' you, and I've been enjoying reading some of your old posts.

From your previous hiatus post:
A post about a 60 year old bodybuilder will attract daily visits from people who have searched for 60 year old bodybuilders on Google.

The longest tail at my place is on the post about which jeans should be worn by women of which age 50 year old women should wear jeans. People get there by searching "50 year old women". I prefer not to think too hard about what they might be looking for.

Capcha: reabl

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