Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lentil As Anything gets a pink slip of thanks

Abbotsford Convent pushing out Lentil as Anything. Wanting to get more rent. Is this all there is to it? Is a place that, as I understand it, lives on public benevolence for vaguely articulated notions of the wider good, going to shaft one of the most respected and original businesses in Australia, one that gives so much back by skilling up welfare recipients and refugees, so it can rake in some more moolah?

Is there more to it? Some hitherto undisclosed dispute?

If not I'm appalled. Why don't we just take the whole damn complex, sitting as it does in prime DINKy million dollar real estate land, give it to a developer with a mandate to go up 15 stories, and let the market completely speak for itself? If that's all it comes down to.


Helen said...

Wordy Wordy McWordlington. (Mr it dissertations, I suspect you are a spambot, sir.)

GS said...

Did you see the series on Lentil As Anything on SBS a couple of months ago? They are financially in the shitter. There may be an issue about paying the rent?

Armagny said...

Spambot erased.

Maybe AOF, maybe. But isn't the whole convent project kinda run outside the market, in that sense?

Tough, most genuinely philanthropic ventures can't be simply costed/valued.