Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Battening the hatches

The calm before the storm. A cub has turned, he faces the right way though he's not yet engaged. He is big, Beloved has a basketball plus and given she doesn't have a large frame she's almost dwarved by the hugeness that precedes her.

His kicking's slowed a little and we suspect he's starting to run out of room.

It'll be an interesting week. We are stubbornly heading to the beach for Christmas and the weekend, which will put us over an hour's drive from the hospital. The ambulance fees are paid up but it's still unnerving. Then we lose our backups for several days as Bear's aunt and uncle attend an engagement in the country. Plans for what happens in that time remain a little sketchy and needless to say the prospect of me standing outside holding Bear's hand while her mum grunts and pushes out a baby on her own isn't one we relish.

How do others deal with this? Do most people have half their family in the same city? It's funny how parenting can bring out so many gaps in the system, things you'd just assume were somehow 'covered'.

We've got Raising Boys, and I'll go back and have another read of the 'happy healthy kids' books as I pore over the challenge of a son. And of a second child. And of keeping Bear the happy, confident girl she is.

The girl who slapped me on the leg the other day, in the park, and stated in her matter-of-fact way: "My Daddy".


JahTeh said...

It looks as though he's going to have his Dad's height.

Have a happy Christmas and don't worry, he'll arrive when he's least expected, after all, he's a male.

seepi said...

Good luck!!

My little girl decided Daddy was her favourite while I was looking after our new baby. So you could soon be even more popular.

anodyne Brownie said...

good thing he wasn't born on
the 25th ...
you would have had to name him Jesus

Happy New Year dear Armagnacs

Legal Eagle said...

Happy New Year, love to the fam and good luck with the cub. So far, we've found parenthood much easier 2nd time around, and our daughter loves her brother. The only difficulties have been (a) over-enthusiastic hugging of small brother and (b) some tantrums as she adjusts to not being the centre of attention ALL the time... But it's all good.

Helen said...

Isn't it lovely when they claim you like that? "My mummy." Aww. All too soon it's "I am NOT related to these people!"

Anonymous said...

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