Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Chairman Mao has a tumour

It is on top of his head. It looked like an innocuous wart or even some sort of small scar. It has been there several months, we intended to have it looked at but didn't think there was anything to panic about.

He is at the Vet now, about to go under general anaesthetic before it is removed along with some surrounding scalp.

Poor boy, we have not been attentive enough lately, as much as things have been improving in recent months. He is very special to us, a family member, a sibling to Minh-Minh, an elder statesman warming to Bear as she grows and learns to be respectful and gentle.

Although there is still some distance there, it wasn't on display this morning: when we put Mao in his carrying box Bear became distressed, pointed, said "Mao Mao" several times and stamped a foot. An intuitive girl, although she didn't explicitly know what is going on, she knew something that was not good was happening.

Soon, I told her, he'll be back soon.

I hope that was right. The prognosis is good, both for the operation and the tumour not having spread elsewhere. It is something called a Marcel Tumour, well that's what I heard though I think that is actually a Mast Cell Tumour. They can be bad, but not apparently in this case. I'm not completely comforted. I just want my boy home, safe.


cileo said...

Get well soon sweetie!

Much love & mutual grooming,

Cleo, Ralph & HarryBarry


Anonymous said...

Hugs for Mao and the rest of your family! I hope he will be well again soon!
Love, Hannie

Another Outspoken Female said...

Poor Mao.

In my experience tumours on the outside of the skull have a much cheerier outcome than those inside the cranium.

He needs more cuddles!

Legal Eagle said...

Get well soon, Mao!