Monday, September 08, 2008

The Father and the Trinity

Father's day found us at Trinity Beach. The air is warm and a touch humid. The wind blows continuously off the ocean through Bear's hair as she stares incredulously at the "Wayvffs".

They come at our legs and we lift her up so her feet trail through the broken foam. We fill the bucket and walk back up to the "sann-pitt" at "tob-ov-o-beach". She pours, digs, lifts and drops, with a face of wonder.

Beloved and I let the heat soak into our bones, purging work, sub-clauses, office politics, the housing market, and the never ending flow of rat-running traffic. I steal a kiss here and there; we watch Bear and the sea.

There are 3 pools in the resort, we are sharing with about 9 people. One pool has an excellent strip of shallow water where we loll around while a Bear splashes and whoops with delight.

I've sipped through a nice Wirra-Wirra and have opened a Marlborough Sav Blanc. In the evening it matches the warm air on the balcony and the palm fronds, through which we can see the lagoon.

The Cub is starting to dance for his mum, only a matter of time and I know I'll be feeling his kicks and then the crazy dad who sings at tummies will be back.

Happy father's day to me.


Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) fathers day to you indeed! Great to hear you guys are having a break, it sounds heavenly!
Love, Hannie

JahTeh said...

I'm so envious, I've had to bite myself. Have a Pina Colada for me.

Fergal said...

Holy Trinity Beach Batman!
Glad you had a good Fathers' Day dude.
I spent my second one in Bali, with the wee monkey chasing 'miaow miaows' in the hotel gardens, and getting covered in sand at the beach.
Life is good.

Helen said...

It's so clever of you to have one of each kind. (Like us ;-) ) Even cleverer of you to have them closer together, they may actually get on.