Friday, August 22, 2008

Now, for raising a boy

Yesterday we got fantastic news at the scan, our child is looking healthy and well.


DR: So, you want to know the gender?

US: Yes please.

DR: I've er seen something a few times but let's have a proper look just to be sure...

Wierd jelly shapes go crazy on the screen as the ultrasound device slides around the goo on Beloved's belly. Legs appear, disappear, appear again.

Suddenly the screen is all tackle, front and centre. If that's a girl she's got some serious tucking to do between now and the birth.

ME: That's my boy!

Tears welled. I beamed.

We would have been happy either way. But I'm thrilled with my boy, he's a good kid, wriggling around and taking no orders even in the womb- Beloved had to do a toilet break to get him to move around for the heart scans.

He's gone from foetus to boy, and I'm walking on air.

But now a whole new set of questions, readings, learnings and decisions to confront...


JahTeh said...

Congrats to the gold medal worry champion. You made it with Bear, you'll make it with Bear.02.

Legal Eagle said...

Woo hoo! Congrats to you all. We're expecting a boy for No. 2 as well. It's exciting - although as you say, a whole new experience!

cristy said...

Congrats! How exciting. Its funny how knowing the gender can make so much difference to how real they seem.

Ann O'Dyne said...

peace and love and congratulations from me brownie, and I wish Chairman Mao a speedy and complete recovery.