Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hey Hitler, wanna run a Synagogue?

This is why I'm all but won over to the view that the UN is wholly corrupt:

Western countries and human rights organisations were outraged yesterday by the choice of Zimbabwe to chair the UN commission on sustainable development.

Apparently this acid-in-face statement was made by the nations of Africa, who had the vote. Which shows us 2 things:

1) That one of the main reasons Africa is so impoverished is its unbelievably incompetent and corrupt leaders; and

2) The extent to which flagrant racism is acceptable to and even endorsed by the UN and much of its membership when it happens in a 'non traditional' context. That is, not involving white-on-other. Something that's to the detriment of everyone from Darfur to West Papua.

My response, as Howard or Downer, would be to reduce my contribution to UN projects until the commission is reformed or wound up.


phil said...

It is. I had a bit to do with severla UN institutions in the early 90s and they range from totally corrupt to totally incompetent. I don;t carry much of a brief for the US in general but the strength and ability of its diplomats working more or less behind the scenes in UN bodies is pretty much all that keeps them operating halfway decently.

I guess those of us of a sort of armagnac'd disposition would like to think that the UN is a force for good - regrettably no (apologies for ultra-broad generalisation).

Splatterbottom said...

The UN is a bunch of corrupt thugs taking advantage of delusional lefties.

John Bolton was the best thing to happen to the UN - its a shame he's gone.

In reality it is what you get when you form a dictator's club.

Dave Bath said...

I know at first glance this will seem silly, but there are a couple of reasons why this might be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Those who contribute the funds should get to make these type of decisions. The thought that a hundredth of a cent of the dollars of my tax money gets to end up in the hands of decision making by African countries make me feel disgusted. I am all for aid to these countries, but what is the point of dealing it to people who among the reasons that these countries require aid in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse (not related to above) Africa was so much better off under the white man.
My response, as Howard or Downer, would be to commit suicide, however, as Howard or Downer, I see this response as the ideal start to resolving all of the problems facing the world.
Still, if the Poms are going to decolonize a nation, they should provide adequate compensation for the stolen lands, or otherwise decolonize economically.
Handing the blacks back their country while retaining the land and wealth was hardly a nice independence present.

Anonymous said...

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