Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Don't call David Jones Corporate Paedophiles!

David Jones aren't into Corporate Paedophilia. They play no role sexualising children, or using sexualised images of children in advertising. And just to prove it they are suing the Australia Institute. For a detailed discussion see LP, but I'm just worried about the damage it could do their image to draw attention to their advertising practises in this way. Surely no-one out there will see the contentious images, or clothes David Jones sell to little children, and draw the conclusion that they are purveyors of corporate paedophilia, right? Anyway, just to help this great Australian company succeed, I thought I'd contribute my modest google standings to their campaign by making the point clearly here: David Jones do not indulge in Corporate Paedophilia. Never. Corporate Paedophilia, not DJs, not ever.

Reports that Jeremy will run the Oz Institute's case pro bono remain, at this point, unconfirmed.


Jeremy said...

"Reports that Jeremy will run the Oz Institute's case pro bono remain, at this point, unconfirmed."

Uh, okay. That was a bit odd.

Armagnac Esq. said...

Um, just a little tongue in cheeck, as with the whole post.

The Daily Magnet said...

Are you looking for free baby clothes, or do you work for DJ's Armaniac?

Lefty - the photo is a vast improvement on the last I saw posted of you. You don't even look that much like BlackAdder in this one!

btw, all I ever see in DJ's catalogues are young women(adults) wearing old ladies' clothes and bokes who look like they'd be very popular on the gay scene, I'm not sure what all the fuss is about - but then we only have 1 store here and mostly their clothes are too spenno to even waste the time looking at their ads. Maybe the think tank should cticize them for over-priced, daggy clothes instead.

Legal Eagle said...

Couldn't agree more, Daily Magnet - I don't think DJs are the ones I'd be singling out for "corporate pedophilia"!

I think some of those magazines for girls that you see at supermarket checkouts are pretty bad.

Yeah, the only reason I'd have a go at DJs is that it's just too expensive for a pleb like me. And one time when I went in there in grungy kinda clothes (I actually wanted to buy something) the sales assistants ignored me. However, a week later when I went in wearing a suit, the sales assistants were calling "Can I help you?" from afar, even though I didn't want to buy a thing (I was cutting through to Little Bourke). So yeah, they got attitude.

Legal Eagle said...

P.S. Have done a post in which I cite your post, Armaniac!

Hope Beloved and your darling Bear are going well. Must be past the six week watermark by now? (It gets easier after this...)

The Daily Magnet said...

Actually, today I saw an ad for DJ's with Aysha Makim in it, who apparently is their new model - and groan - so much for the industry not using models who are too thin. She looks like she had some bad childhood disease rather than the affluent upbringing that DJs hired her for. I think I prefered the young women who wore old women's clothes, and bland yawn, their clothes are so boring.

I doubt they even know kids exist at all.

Anonymous said...

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