Monday, September 18, 2006

Alive and in stasis

I am, temporarily I hope, presently a member of the gainfully unemployed. The opportunity to bond with the cats aside, this hasn't put me in the highest state of elevation. I should have tonnes of time for blogging, for lots of things, but it's difficult to get motivated when you are constantly glancing at your phone.

I have 2 quasi-offers; roles I may get if all the paperwork gets signed off with the tees dotted. I have interviewed for a further position, an incredibly interesting-sounding role that will not eventuate for aeons (even if they do like me). This potential choice is great in some respects but leaves me indecisive and wracked by stress.

Still, there are worse things to be worried about!

We spent the weekend in Canberra, bringing out the usual tensions between beloved and her mother. Beloved's mother has a good heart, but seems to harbour some anger or bitterness at life in general that prevents her from enjoying the fact that most of her ducks have lined up pretty well. She's got a good job, house, caring partner, and reasonably (though it is being somewhat drained) doting daughters.

I know, I know, I'm gonna find out how hard parenting is, but how's this for a pretty basic lesson: if you're a well-paid boomer, you and your partner both own houses outright, you are browsing your next potential purchase at well over the half million mark, and you complain frequently to your two daughters, both of whom want to buy A house but can't afford it, about how subsequent generations have it too easy in the work and housing markets, you aren't going to come across as particularly in tune or sympathetic with the needs of your offspring.

I'm fond of mumsey, as I call her, and wish she'd take more pleasure in the good things she's achieved for herself. And be a bit happier.

Of course there's a lesson in this for all of us. Whatever job I end up in, I've got a fantastic wife and a daughter on the way, so really what does it matter how I earn a crust?

On a lighter front, while in Canby I met Zoe, Cristy & Paul, Dean (I forget which blog Dean's at, Zoe'll remind me though!) and Zoe's son Sage and partner Owen, at the still-fantastic muse of my short-lived ANU days, the Wig and Pen. Make mine a pint, what a nice crew!


TimT said...

I reckon some people just like to have something to grumble about. There are worse foibles. And you never know when the bottom will fall out of the housing market (as if I'd know, but anyway!)

Enny said...

... I was busy Saturday night anyway...


Zoe said...

Was just a tiny wee drinky on Friday afternoon Enny! And we plotted a meetup when Cristy and Paul are back from OS.

It was great fun to meet you too, Mr 'nac, a very enjoyable time. Dean's blog is here.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Hmmm ... as a woman of a certain age myself, I tend to find the Boomer-bashing thing tedious, illogical, ill-informed and unnecessarily hostile on the whole ... but I must say I would never, ever, ever talk in front of Xers, Yers and beyond about how "easy" things are in the job and housing markets, and I thank Cat most days of my life for the relatively (though by no means totally, as many think) free education. I think your mumsey needs a bit of a talking-to.

Boysenberry said...

Ahh, yes, the Wig... a great place to drink with people from interstate. Actually, a great place to drink - full stop :)

Splatterbottom said...

Armaniac, something to keep you amused: Cats that look like Hitler!

Anonymous said...

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