Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What grump lies beneath?

Mao and I have been taking it in turns to slip into depression. It could be a virus, maybe I've caught cat flu or feline aids, that would explain the strange drawn out minor cough that yesterday turned into a sore throat. I've never had a cold with this 'pattern' before, but I suppose they mutate frequently.

Interviewed for two jobs, a third lined up next week. Another may come through with an interview shortly after that. They involve big choices that twist around my brain like earthworms. Having options seems good when you don't, but it ramps up your blood pressure when you don't exactly know which one you'd rather take. It's a policy versus court thing, I won't go further as I've whinged about this in previous navel gazing posts. I have found that staring down the barrel of a job in criminal defence law has made me aware of all the ways I don't fit the stereotype small-l liberal when it comes to law and order.

I think repeat violent offenders should be locked in a psychiatric institution until they are safe. That sort of thing.

Beloved and I have strained at little things, pointless arguments erupt through the surface expressing the magma underneath. Not about us, I'm pretty sure of that. We're both just a little over the house search, the endless disappointments and almost-not-quites. The people taking loans five times their salaries in order to pip those of us who try to cling to a modicum of common sense. And maybe it's an Autumn thing, who knows?

At least, while Mao and the two of us are by turns grumpy, little Minh-Minh is a ball of up-beat, big-eyed fluffy love. Just watching her jumping around on the lawn warms my soul.


BridgeGirl said...

Cheer up chum. Your beloved is probably wanting the best for you and for you to be happy. She is probably just as frustrated as you that you are not yet happy. I have noticed lots of negativity around lately, but a glass of wine at the end of the day always eases that for me.

At uni I was taught not to buy property. They said it is wiser to rent. Many people in Europe do this and with rates on the rise, perhaps it is best to keep renting. I know it is the Australian dream to own a home, so you can mow the lawn and annoy the neighbours. However living close to the city in a flat has it's benefits too.

Everything happens for a reason and what ever decision you make will be the right one. Don't think about the opportunity cost, think of all the good things your choice can bring.

Don Quixote said...

I think you're allowing the strawman liberal spook you. I can't think of any sensible liberal thinker that wouldn't agree that a violent offender should be locked up in an institution until they're no longer a threat. I'm sure Mr Lefty would feel exactly the same way.

Pavlov's Cat said...

It is indeed an autumn thing, at least in the Frozen South. I've done the 'search for a house to buy in Melbourne in autumn' thing and it is the most God-awful depressing experience I have ever had in my life. No house looks good covered in dead leaves and the remnants of steel-grey light, especially when viewed through icy rain.

Wouldn't one thing at a time be better? Give yourself a break, concentrate on the job decision, and resume the house search in October.

Anonymous said...

>>Many people in Europe do this and with rates on the rise, perhaps it is best to keep renting.

I'm agreeing wholehartedly with the above comments (and what a great bunch of people you are - very supportive and encouraging - great to see!!) except for the comparison with buying a house in Europe. I'm from Holland and the big difference there is that the rental market is very much government protected in that rent cannot be raised much yearly, rent can only go up to a certain amount and you cannot be evicted if you pay your rent on time. This means that a lot of people live in the same house for 30 years and the rent is way below what it's worth.
In Australia you might have to move every 5 years which you don't want to do if your children are going to a school nearby.
Just wanted to set that straight.

JahTeh said...

It's the virus from hell. Learn to love because it hangs on forever.

Word verification is ypoufp, have to love that.

Anonymous said...


Bird flu big maybe back

Armagnac Esq. said...

Is the 'anonymous' immediately above a person out there? Or is this a sophisticated form of spam that gets around word verifyers?

I'm going to start deleting anonymous comments coupled with links that don't appear connected to posts, unless someone tells me otherwise.

Top O' the morning to y'all...

Brownie said...

Wot Pavlov's Cat said, ditto.
You have the Post Marriage Blahs coinciding with cold bleak weather.
Of course, The Bride is now NestBuilding. Distract her with a toy.

Re defence counselling: approach it not as 'trying to get a guilty person off' but as making sure the person charged is 'properly and fairly locked away forever the bastard'.

My cure for throat virus is to eat a giant bag of Salt n Vinegar crisps and then sip sip sip straight whiskey - it kills the germs. best wishes.

Splatterbottom said...

Armaniac, I hope you all feel better soon.

Have you thought of moving to Sydney?

obtuse-a said...

sorry to hear you are down
hope the situation improves