Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Free education, houses, now a gold-encrusted retirement

Imre, arrogant slob that he is, sums up the baby boomers' budget in a nutshell: encouraging the over-60s to combine super with an income stream, he is making it easier for boomers to do what they do best - hog all the best jobs and drive generations X and Y nuts in the process.
Why do the rest of us even bother?


Rob M said...

Not to mention hand back bracket creep, call it a tax cut, while quietly giving the uber-wealthy a real rate cut without bothering to claw back any in rort, er, concession removal.

Helen said...

So easy to hate on baby boomers, means you don't have to engage with class, inequality, the digital revolution and disastrous govt policies since the 80s. I thought you were more intelligent than that.

Repeat what you've posted to Dave and jahTeh's faces next time you meet. I'm truly disappointed.

tOh said...

I seem to remember a bunch of boomers who changed the world, broke the Coalition stranglehold, got out of a bad war, made education free, made medicine free, yabada yabeda. Gens X and Y have all the time in the world to get off their gutless arses and do something a little radical for a change, we might be inclined to help 'em. I got zero outa this budget, and you're not paying enough to insult me either.

Helen said...

One point, which I'm going to make on my blog soon, is that "boomers" didn't bloodywell get free education and then pull up the ladder on purpose. A cohort of neoliberals became dominant and took that away from everybody. Many, perhaps most, boomers voted against this, but there's this pervasive myth that somehow they approve of it. (I'm a joneser, actually, kind of stuck between X and Boomer,)

...And Gummo, I forgot Gummo. I look forward to the entertaining sight of Armaniac giving him a stern lecture about taking all the wealth and having a gold-encrusted retirement...

A couple of people have pointed out that generational blaming is more prevalent among men. That's probably because X and Y women have at least a dim perception that if the "second wave" boomer feminists hadn't got off their collective arses and changed society radically, they'd still be begging Hubby for a cut from his pay packet before he took it to the pub.

Armagnac Esq. said...

All fair points, except the OTT vitriol. I quoted Imre being a bit deliberately offensive and more than a little tongue in cheek- he is on my understanding a baby boomer.

The idea that i've expressed hatred is, with respect, utter nonsense. I think you've got a bit pissed over this issue so that even the smallest post acts like a steam valve.

You are asking if I'll look various bloggers in the eye and say- this budget was designed primarily to benefit your generation and win your votes?


But isn't that an attack on the government responsible for the budget? And what I view as bad policy?

Toh, you only fuel the flames by running off all those achievements. It is the very fact of all those things turning into greed is good and being pulled away from the next group in line that pisses people off.

Claiming that one generation has enjoyed a disproportionate amount of opportunity, collectively, and claiming that individuals within that are somehow all individually responsible are completely different, radically different things.

Which is really stating the obvious, I would have thought.

Anonymous said...

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