Tuesday, November 29, 2011

After transition, a transition

We are just weeks from school. Bear tries on her dress, I well up. She is excited. I am, and yet. It is the start of it all.

We went to transitions together, Beloved being in a new job. Daddy daughter mornings of nerves and bouncing excitement (respectively). I milled awkwardly with instant coffee and biscuits, staff room life, chatted to the odd parent. Mostly mums, many knew each other. I shuffled my handouts, listened to the primers about how good it will be. I am sure it will. And yet.

Bear bonded, mostly with her buddy from this year's prep. And a tall girl who can already use the monkey bars. Like me, Bear is quite a bit of work off being able to use monkey bars. She drew, listened, had fun. Then we walked home together, put on the kettle, I made her a hot chocolate, and we sat on the step that edges our back garden, side by side. Questions and anecdotes. She told me about her classes and I asked about friends. We pottered a while there each day before I put on my suit and took her to childcare, an afternoon of obiter, chronology and general administrain waiting in the office.

Work was extra hard those days. I direct my hopes to her fortune. I hope she is happy.


Anonymous said...

gosh Magny - tempus fugit.
you will need sedation when she goes on Skoolies Week in 12 years and that tempus will fugit too.
X X X Ann O'Dyne

Anonymous said...

Poor Bear, mainstream school's such a complicated dynamic these days - especially for girls.

Mine opted for homeschooling although they quite liked one particular alternative format school.

It could be the start of a great adventure. Just smile, A, try to breathe, then dot all the i's and cross all the t's. Magnet

The Accidental Housewife said...

And I thought the start of play school was bad... Three hours, one day a week. And I'm at playgroup the next room over!