Thursday, June 16, 2011

With a sick boy at midnight

Not that bad the Doctor said, but by 5pm sheer tiredness overwhelmed him and he slept. Until 11pm.

A succession of thumps announced his awakening. He stood in the dining room squinting, thrown by the lack of routine and order. Saw us approaching and smiled.

Beloved was wrecked and left me to put him to bed. He was awake and needed to adjust before sleep might come again. Clutched a bottle of water and asked to sit with me. I hugged him close, flicked over the channels but realised nothing was suitable, least of all the biker violence I had drifted into. This late I wanted a compromise, no Fireman Sam or In the Night Garden DVDs with my remaining Shiraz. We settled on A River Somewhere and sank deep into the couch.

"Car", "House", "Moo Daddy Moo" were pointed out to me. He leaned his head back on my shoulder and I told him I'd missed him that day. As Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner waded up the Howqua River, water spraying off their airborne fly lines, he asked: "Daddy and Mitts did it?"

Perhaps one day little man- if you aren't a vegetarian. But it still made a small warm place in me. After the episode he asked for "read it?" and we snuggled through a couple of short kids' books. It was midnight. He wanted more. We stood together, he wrapped his arms around the back of my shoulder, and I went into the bay behind the curtains. Outside it was dark, cold and still, the world on pause.

"Sleep time". He still wanted another book but the protests were weaker. I tucked him in and kissed his forehead. Bear snored peacefully beside us. He smiled and blew kisses with an audible smack as I walked out of the room.


Mindy said...

Whew, that was a much lovelier story than I was prepared for. Sleepy cuddles rock.

Deborah said...

Beautiful snuggly post. I hope your sick boy recovers soon.

Helen said...

Oh I loved that Howqua episode. It's a while ago now isn't it! Get well soon Mitts!

Armagny said...

He's fine now, thanks all... yeah Helen I've watched it at least 6 times now, will get up there myself one day, perhaps even after learning to cast a fly properly...

The Daily Magnet said...

Sleepy cuddles rock way more than watching Jack Black in an orange jumpsuit on a kids' show in the wee hours.

On ya Dad - it isn't easy is it? I remember so many of those nights with my poor sick young bloke but he is 6-3" now, he still gets upset when he has a nightmare but otherwise doesn't need me quite so much these days.