Thursday, June 03, 2010

Brumby's welcome backflip

Victoria's getting an anti-corruption commission. It's about time, and we need to be cautious about getting too excited until the detail is parsed over.

But in the predictable holler of 'backflip' going around, and having earlier had a dig at the Premier's attitude and silly comments about lawyers myself, I think a modicum of credit should be given.

He commissioned a report, it recommended he change policy, and he did. With many years of frustration in the public service behind me, can I say the shame is that this does not happen more often.

Politicians should not be condemned for 'backflipping' in the face of evidence. It is nothing less than proper conduct.

Bring it on.


Deborah said...

Well said. Now if we can just get Mike Rann to follow suit...

Ann ODyne said...

The Electorate should be acting as a permanent anti-corruption commission.
We are 'in place' and cost-free, but most people are apathetic.
If everybody who faffs all the time about 'democracy' would just be pro-active about it, there would be no corruption in government.
Instead 'we' label 'whistleblowers' and are reminded regularly by media, of the dreadful consequences of being one.