Thursday, January 10, 2008

Queen of slang, my daughter is nang

The Bear is at the cusp of noveau-English. As discussed below, she uses nang-nag to capture the essence of being, the power of infinity. Either that or she's pointing out something more mundane like a poo that needs flipping (they're kindof like vege patties now, so when changing nappies we just carry the whole lot to the toilet and 'flip' it in!).

Now it is confirmed, nang, the base word, means cool.

My girl is clearly uber, what can I say?

Other words making the rounds include "dat" (while pointing at a cat) and something approaching "dadadad". Yes, she's started doing this while indicating in my general direction.

Today I came in tired, a bit depressed. Slunk into the couch, smiled at Beloved while Bear continued her feed. When she'd finished she sat up, saw me, sat up a bit straighter, clapped her hands, smiled and said something along the lines of "dadadigdablanangnangdaad".

Picked me up like a chairlift.


Ann ODyne said...

That "BamaLamaDingDong" will progress to
"Dad I really need $50"
very very soon. Too soon.

JahTeh said...

Good one Annie O but I was thinking of a Ferrari at 18.
He'll be a complete lump of jelly in her hands by then.

BwcaBrownie said...

Dear NangNang are ya coming to Ampersdand Ducks Feb 2nd lunchtime in the gardens blogmeet?

peace and love
Bwca Bwican
Ann O'Dyne
(we are all going)

Armagnac Esq said...

Didn't get an invite. Sent hint out on facebook. Cest la vie, I guess I'm too infrequent these days to be part of the scene...