Saturday, October 06, 2007

Getting it all wrong

We split at the supermarket. Beloved and Bear headed home for a feed, I went in, with my pottering mother, on a mission to buy just two things- muesli and cat litter stuff. Half an hour of pottering later we emerge laden down with random items.

I got the wrong muesli. They didn't have the preferred brand (Lowan Tropical, since you asked) so I picked up something that looked nice. I mean, it is birdfood and all, is there a difference? Oh, how I've learned about birdfood, sorry muesli, this evening.

It was wrong, all wrong. It has clusters that dissolve too quickly. It is too high on simple sugars. It's made clear I've made a major stuff up and this will need to be rectified by beloved going herself the next day.

I'm a failure.

So, after I drop my mum at a random church we found for her, hidden away between a couple of quiet suburban streets just where you expect a huge brick monolith to be planted, I head back to the Supermarchet for round B.

I painstakingly read the contents of each and every muesli packet there is. I make sure the leading contenders have no nuts (in case we then touch Bear), are called muesli, look completely like birdfood with no novel features like clusters, and have markedly less sugars than what I bought before.

I note in the process that what I bought before has less sugars than almost all the 'proper' mueslis, but, mine is just to do or die.

I get the rolls royce. It's the better part of $10 for a tiny pouch. I cannot go wrong.

Scroll down...

You know it's coming...

Just about there...

I fucked up royally. This muesli has a code word in the title. Apparently bircher is lithuanian for 'needs soaking overnight or in the microwave like some sort of lumpy porridge.'

Do I give up? What do you think? I'm actually so far past my wits end generally, covering a 1.9 FTE load at work, trying to keep up with what's going on at home, that I just coast on from issue to issue. Flatlining. Not at my best.


lucy tartan said...

Coles Online might be the go?

phil said...

I'm also a Lowan fan. But it comes and goes in the supermarket so last time I got Sanitarium something with clusters. It's wonderful the first time but after a few brekkies, is a bit too sweet. Offspring no2 loves it though.

Zoe said...

Champagne for breakfast should fix that.

Ann ODyne said...

Much empathy and comiseration from me.
I like to keep Lowan in business too - they mean well.
Zoe's point about the champagne meshes with my suspicion that
"we are not talking about food here", the food persnicketyness represents something else - a point in time has been reached with the motherhood/career thing.
Tread carefully in this emotional minefield.

Teenagers whose parents marriage is disintegrating start demanding to have pet rats and tattoos.
I survived all that.
You will survive Muesli Wars.
peace and love.

Anonymous said...

I go for Uncle Toby's "swiss style". Plain, not toasted.

But recently they proclaimed: "Now with more fruit!!"



Harrumph. I would actually prefer more nuts and seeds such as sunflower, etc. So Bear has one of those dreadful nut allergies? That's terrible.

Armagnac Esq said...

Oh a bear doesn't... we are avoiding nuts on the (rather unproven) advice of the powers that be.

The Daily Magnet said...

Poor Armaniac - making your own muesli is the go I think - you can put whatever you want in it then & it's better value.

When I don't have enough time I get a basic one and add all the yummy stuff to it like coconut, walnuts and apricots etc etc.

Hang in there slugger, it gets easier.

Anonymous said...

Thank Goddess for that.

Forgot to mention - tho' most commercial mueslis are too sweet, if you find one that approximates what you want, 'tis an easy matter to add a few cupfuls of plain rolled oats. And of course sunflower seeds.

Anonymous said...

ooh yeah, make your own. that could be fun refining the recipe to get the taste the bear really wants. fly to bali on tuesday.